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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Decorating a tiny cabin with scrap wood, flea market finds, and roadside junk…Part 1

"Hey Big Spender!"

I'm not done with this little cabin ("The Relaxshack") yet (one we collectively built at one of my workshops), but here's a video showing a little progress, and some decor that I've been injecting into it. The decorating budget: Almost nothing. In this video I show you an simple idea (greenhouse plant staging, and a possible cool vehicle for store displays) using some scrap wood posts, AND quite a few furnishings  I've found on the side of the road, a flea markets, thrift shops, and dollar stores….

You get a decent sneak peak at a hunk of this cabin too- one for sale once completed. $2500 (you'd have to move it though- ANY shed company could easily handle it). kidcedar at if interested.

If you're looking to gain some building and designing skills….
APRIL 11-13th, 2014 Memphis, TN
Registration is now open for our HANDS-ON Tiny-House Building Workshop 
3 days- Camping ON the workshop premises
A night-trip to Beale Street
Build TWO CABINS as a group
10 Guest Speakers
Live Demos
Campfire Discussions at Night
Click on the banner on the top of for info (before the workshop date)

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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  2. Whens your next hands on workshop in 2014 and where? Thanks!

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