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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to build/install a bed in a conversion DIY camper van

VAN DWELLING- the other side of tiny housing….

Steven Harrell from has been busy converting his new acquisition, a big ole white transport van (with full standing room!), into a portable dwelling- "The Grande Gringo"- or whatever name he ultimately lands on.

Alongside the SIX or so tiny houses you'll get to tour at our April 11th-13th Hands-On Building/Design Workshop in Memphis, TN (2014)….

-Steven will be bringing out this van he's been working on! Van Dwelling is a huge underground movement, and closely parallels tiny house living, naturally.

A GREAT Story on this subject, by the way, is the book "WALDEN ON WHEELS" which came out last year- I read it, and REALLY enjoyed it. Some great tips on small space efficiency and covert living.