Tiny House Summer Camp 5

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to build/install a bed in a conversion DIY camper van

VAN DWELLING- the other side of tiny housing….

Steven Harrell from www.tinyhouselistings.com has been busy converting his new acquisition, a big ole white transport van (with full standing room!), into a portable dwelling- "The Grande Gringo"- or whatever name he ultimately lands on.

Alongside the SIX or so tiny houses you'll get to tour at our April 11th-13th Hands-On Building/Design Workshop in Memphis, TN (2014)….

-Steven will be bringing out this van he's been working on! Van Dwelling is a huge underground movement, and closely parallels tiny house living, naturally.

A GREAT Story on this subject, by the way, is the book "WALDEN ON WHEELS" which came out last year- I read it, and REALLY enjoyed it. Some great tips on small space efficiency and covert living.


  1. Thanks for the writeup! Here's a cool Facebook page that just mainly shows pics of folks getting out there, way out there via their vans.


  2. Hey Deek, are you going to try out for that host position? http://tinyhouseblog.com/announcement/nationwide-casting-host-new-home-building-series/

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