Tiny House Summer Camp 4

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Deek's Art at the Tiny House Jamboree 2016 in Colorado!

"Tiny Houses On The Brain" by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. 12" tall. The head contains tiny housing that gives the impression of/doubles as the head's face. Prints (see below) are $25.

     First of all, I'm THRILLED to be invited back as a speaker for the Tiny House Jamboree 2016 in Colorado Springs as last year's event was AMAZING and brought in well over 30,000 attendees. This year, aside from speaking on salvage and budget construction in the tiny house world, I'll be shooting a variety of tiny house tours and interviews for my channel, and some content for the new show that Dustin and I are working on- more on that soon.

Additionally, some of the art you'll see in the tiny houses of Darin Zaruba from Ecocabins.com will be stuff that I've created- all on re-used materials, but of course!

So keep and eye out for some wild, weird, and whimsical art. The piece you see below is now being sold as a print too- $25 (inside the US+ 2$ shipping), and comes signed. If interested, you can paypal me (be sure to include your mailing address) and one will be sent to you. senorsell @ hotmail.com is the paypal address/account (no spaces before and after the "@" though).

I've also designed the logo for this year's shirt- but that's about all I can say for now.

For more on the Tiny House Jamboree- www.TinyHouseJamboree.com 

SPEAKING OF ART AND DESIGNING..... we have a hands-on one-day FUNKY-FUNKY workshop coming up. Only about SIX spaces left. Newenglandrockpress @ gmail.com if interested.

It all takes place in my bizarre, and incredibly colorful art studio in the center of Stoughton, MA- June 26th, 2016. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Deek's Tiny House Design, "The Cub", featured in a Canadian Real Estate Commercial!

What a cool surprise!

This Canadian real estate ad (which is fun/well shot!) features a cabin I designed called "The Cub"- This family built it off my video/prototype for inspiration (we also have a video of it on my youtube channel- see below) and now camps with their family in it. The original one I built was purchased and is somewhere in PA now.... I DO have plan sets for it, but haven't officially released them yet..... email me at newenglandrockpress at gmail.com if you want a set. They're $30 each.... a framing plan set- which comes with me at your QnA disposal along the way (just like the "Transforming A-frame Cabin" plans) which you'll find a link to in the left column of this blog.

Here's a video that Dave Koszegi and family shot for channel about a year ago.....

Here's an early in-the-works video of my original version from years back too- we have yet to publish the FINAL tour of the original build, as I was waiting for the plans to officially be done and released before I did....

My dream/plan was/is to release these plans- hope enough people build them over time and to have a yearly fun gathering of these cabins, and dub it the "5' by 8'- Fest"- as that's how small this cabin is! The toilet space- seasonal- resides on the tongue of the trailer, and a lofted bunk (shown below), and daybed space below (which double as storage) really help with keeping so small a space open, and useable.

AND hey, don't forget!!!
newenglandrockpress at gmail.com if interested.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tiny house for the chemically-sensitive- and those who love cats!

Every once in awhile we have friends of ours guest host episodes for our channel found at www.youtube.com/relaxshacksdotcom.......So..... here's one of those very episodes.
This one's a Tiny house for the chemically-sensitive- and those who love cats... with guest host Andrew Odom (from www.tinyrevolution.us )

This tiny house ("The #TinyLab") is currently on the road as part of a US tour to show off the possibilities of living tiny, and living small with considerations of air quality, V.O.C.'s, and general health in a small, small, small, space.

You can find more from the #tinylab duo (well, trio, as they live tiny WITH a baby now) at www.proofispossible.com 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Deek's Workshop- TWO tree houses in THREE DAYS.... LIVE BUILDS!

Building Tree Houses, at an artist's camp, with BAD-ASS professional artists, while camping, and more! Can't wait! Its a mini workshop we're doing, and we're only taking on SEVEN students. Its 3 days of building with TWO builds, one at the artist camp, another at my 10 acre camp.... LOTS of shelters, tree houses, and cabins to tour as well! 

....and yes, you'll have a chance to ask a zillion questions about tiny houses, design, and whatever else you want to know!

The three day event is $260.00- less than most any other workshop, and with a heck of a lot more individual attention- never mind that its fully hands-on with lots of actual building! 

Newenglandrockpress at gmail.com if you want to sign up......


Day 1- 9am start. Tool use, game plan talk, site prep, framing demonstration, the Do's and Don'ts of tree house construction vs. tiny house design, and THE ACTUAL BUILD. Ends 9pm

Day 2- finish up what we don't complete on day one, and then head 25 min north to Deek's 10 acre camp to check out his shelters, tree houses, cabins, and more.....  followed by ANOTHER small live build, campfire discussions, and a tour of a small off-grid log cabin in the woods. (10 am to 9pm)

Day 3- Building wrap-up....... and a collective art/sculpture project in the woods..... (10 am to 4:30 pm)

18+ only. And you're welcome to show, and come and go, and you please.

Below: A tree house we built/designed at a past workshop.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Saturday, April 9, 2016

'LIVE from a TINY HOUSE"- A new web show- filmed in 66 Square Feet!

So here's something new I've been messing with. I've long wanted to combine my love and support for live and local (and non-local) music, AND my love for tiny houses and micro-architecture, and this seemed to be a fun and logical way for me to combine them.....

This show is/will be called "Live From A Tiny House", and is filmed inside a 66 square foot tiny house that I own. Its a former model from The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company- a model they called the "XS"- (Extra Small).

This house was originally built by Chris Haynes, who later "upgraded" to a 252 square foot small home- see the viral video below..... Chris lived in this place for 18 months to save money while building his current home, and I later purchased it off him and have been renovating it.

So check out the video, AND we'll have a full tour soon enough......

Below: Chris's NEW HOME....

And the FULLY HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP is now announced for 2016.....

newenglandrockpress at gmail.com if you might be interested....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Lightweight" 128 Square Foot Tiny House in Cleveland!


     So Dustin and I were the guest-speaking opening act for "The Property Brothers" at Cleveland OH's fantastic "Home and Remodeling Show" a few weekends ago (just a top notch event- fun!), and while working this show, we had the chance to tour FOUR tiny houses that were on display.
     THREE of these houses were from "Small Spaces CLE"- Cleveland area building/designers, led by Packy Hyland, and these guys and their crew had done a heck of a job with the designs and the decor for these homes. Packy and his crew were ultra friendly too- which is always nice to find.
     Anyway, this tour here is of their SMALLEST model- a sixteen-foot-long tiny house on wheels that weighs in at around 7000 pounds- which, believe it or not, is pretty light as compared to many tiny houses out there now. Packy pulled this model with a Toyota Tundra.
     Aside from a generous loft, and a great little bathroom, this particular tiny house, as you'll see, is adorned with some great interior trim and woodwork, is heated with a compact mini-split system, has Japanese-style "tansu" steps to ascend to the loft, soft-shut drawers, and a nice little kitchen area ta' boot.
     Check out the full tour, and I hope you enjoy it!

Reminder: Tiny House Summer Camp 4 on our 10 acres off-grid spread in Orleans, VT is already filling up, so if interested in camping out with us, and THREE days of actual, hands-on, building, design, and guest speakers galore, hit THIS link for details and sign-up links...... http://www.relaxshacks.blogspot.com/2016/03/hell-yeah-tiny-house-summer-camp-4-has.html

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hell Yeah! TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 4 has been announced!!!

I wasn't even ready to launch the sign-ups and announcement, but SO many have asked, that here goes....

Buy Now

So, as you can see by our non-slick, unflowery, blog- web design isn't my thing. Heck, I just don't have the time or desire, as instead, Dustin and I are out there building, traveling, hosting workshops, and well, generally trying to kick as much ass as we can. We've been doing so professionally since 2009 when we hosted our very first FULLY HANDS-ON workshop (something you RARELY get from other events), well before everyone and their grandmother's former scuba-instructor decided to jump on these classes as well. There's an avalanche of tiny house workshops out there now, all in the wake of the 13.5 tv shows on the subject. Some of them are solid, but most are absolute crap, so let me explain what we do, and why we've been doing them for so long.

Also, Thank you in advance to those who share and spread the word on this, as NO, its not a photo post featuring some gorgeous supermodel- NO, this notice doesn't have some click-bait title like "WOW! You WON'T BELIEVE what lies beneath the trap door in this abandoned garage!", and triple-NO, its not a post about a young cutesy couple who "simplified" their lives and bills, buy having someone build a $140,000 tiny house for them. 
None of that silly crap. Never. 

Live music by the fire, on a lantern-lit mini stage, after our guest speakers (last year)

I can add a ton of fun photos below, and some video links of past workshops (and I will), but let me just sum things up by saying that this isn't our first rodeo. 

Dustin and I have taught workshops, built for museums, and design consulted "From Fargo to Sydney"and just about everywhere in between. 

Palo Coleman, bamboo joinery/construction demo at our CT workshop this past year....

So, WHY SIGN UP for this, and not another workshop? 
Buy Now
There are too many reasons.....
-Dustin and I are former HGTV hosts ("Tiny House Builders"). We've also been featured on, and hosted other programs for HGTV and the DIY network. 

-We've designed for many other tv shows, magazines, charity events, and design blogs. MANY.

-Deek has authored THREE books on the subject, going back to 2009. His most recent book "Microshelters" was picked up nationally by Lowes and has made the best-sellers list. 

-Its a HANDS-ON workshop- no staring at a power point presentation eight hours a day. You're getting dirty, having fun, and ACTUALLY BUILDING. There is no real substitute for this. 

MA- Hands-on Museum Cabin Build.....

-We have several people who will be attending for their FOURTH year in a row- which is saying something. 

-Forget a rented function room at the Ramada Inn, we're off-grid on TEN private acres, with TEN tiny cabins, shelters, and funky shacks on the premises. THINK and design outside the box while BEING outside the box. 

One of Deek and Dustin's HGTV build from their show "Tiny House Builders"

-We have MULTIPLE projects/builds going on at once, and you can move to each group as you please so as to get a taste for many styles of construction, various approaches, and all with different instructors. 

-Yes..... different instructors. We usually have about EIGHT pros at each workshop. There is no shortage of people to ask questions to. We want to make sure that you get as much personal building, and brain-picking time, as possible. You get our personal email too, should you have questions AFTER the workshop. 

Deek in Australia giving a salvaged-windows demo to a sold out class....

-Its MORE than just tiny houses. We mix in collaborative art and decor, salvage construction, and heavily force you to "Think Outside The Box".

One cabin (8' by 14') that we'll work on. It still needs a loft, insulation, bathroom, deck, trim, door, and more..... this is one of a few projects on our 10 acres! 

-Does their workshop have a big-ass PIZZA PARTY ice-breaker by a bonfire, fireside guest speakers, a GHOST NIGHT HIKE, fishing, LIVE MUSIC from a candlelit stage in the woods, bamboo demos, Shou-Sugi-Ban Japanese techniques, and a Kong Island-like entrance gate, topped by a giant Owl head?? Nope. 

-Its NOT a 9-5 workshop. The building continues until the sun goes down, and then the speakers and discussions begin. 

-Tree Houses- we have tree houses, and you can STAY in them. 

-The woods of Vermont, and the neighboring towns are GORGEOUS. I mean Norman-Rockwell-painting gorgeous. There's a GREAT local swimming hole, covered bridges nearby, and so much more.

-Door prizes and Tiny House Trivia..... we want you to leave with swag! Help us DOWNSIZE our prize closet! ;) 

-"Robot Grove"- do the other workshops have a pine grove deep in the woods with 10' tall recycled-material-built weird-ass robots? Nope. 

-Want to stay in an off-grid, solar log cabin? Yep, we have one of those too....



Its $399 for THREE DAYS- and again, they ARE NOT 9-5 days. The first two nights run until 10pm. Its a TON of contact hours, fun, networking, and skill developing. 

This is the same price its been for five years, and again, this is no 9-5. Many other workshops charge this much as well, and DON'T let you build. 

YOU WILL have fun and learn LOTS- unless you're completely dead from the neck up. 

Buy Now

This is an "AT YOUR OWN RISK" workshop, and you additionally will still have to sign a waiver to be allowed to build with us. By signing up, you are in full agreement and understanding with this. 

Refunds. Large Font so that you can't claim "But Deek I didn't see the refund policy!"Full refund up until 30 days before the workshop starts. Thirty days, not twenty nine- Thirty. After that, rain check/credit only- which other workshops don't even do- we're being VERY fair with this credit. If you don't show, and don't tell us, and the workshop had begun, there is no refund. PLEASE, PLEASE just plan accordingly and make sure you have the time off and reserved- its a total pain to reschedule and shift/change attendees- we'd rather focus on planning for the actual workshop!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Any questions, ask them below, or email at newenglandrockpress at gmail.com

Monday, March 21, 2016

Deek's Transforming A-Frame Cabin/Tiny House "goes LEGO"!

Ok- not to harp on and on about Lego- as the last post/video dealt with them too- after all this is MAINLY a tiny house, shelter, tree house and DIY idea site, but I couldn't pass up on sharing this one, as it made my day!

One of my friends commented, "Dude, now you can just hang it up and relax. You've made it!- someone built a lego model of one of your cabins!".

I stumbled upon this by accident while I was looking for the link of my own "Transforming A-frame Cabin" video, and this one came up in the search results.

So, "THANK YOU" to whoever did this- I got a kick out of it.

If you want to check out the actual/real-deal cabin that inspired it, I sell plans (link in the left column of this blog), AND, here's the video tour of the FIRST one that was built down in Memphis, TN by Joe Everson and his crew- www.TennesseeTinyHomes.com....

The Original Cabin..... $1200 to build.... plan available to the left in the blog column.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tiny/Small House w/Kids? Check out this LEGO Storage Idea!

As I've mentioned many times, while I DO build and design tiny houses, tree houses, cabins, and backyard offices for a living, my family of five (four of us and a huge dog) do not live in a TINY house, but a small one- around 800-900 square feet. I also run my businesses out of this space, so efficiency in storage IS something I have to contend with.

So, when it comes to a massive lego brick collection, the three or four separate, and failing, boxes just had to go.

So here's what I came up with. Its part storage, and part colorful decor. Check it out, and I hope you enjoy it. Pass it on too, as I know MANY families contend with the "OVERABUNDANCE IN LEGOS" challenge.

Yes, I could get rid of them, or downsize the collection, but thats all well and good in theory! ;)

Also, and this is the first time I'm going to mention it....

September 15-16-17th (and maybe an add-on day the 18th)..... "TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 4" in Northern VT on my 10 acre compound of cabins and tree houses! This ALWAYS sells out fast, so if interested, let us know and keep and eye out for sign-ups! It will be limited to 40 people again....

Guest speakers, demos, stay in cabins and tree houses, live music, ACTUAL HANDS-ON BUILDING, camp-sites included on the premises, and MORE!
The weekend- with 30+ hours of building and classes is the same price its been since 2010- $399 per person. If interested, email us at newenglandrockpress@gmail.com

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Micro Modern Tiny Shelter For The Homeless?

....or a really cool modern Tree House pod?

Here's one of TWO things we built at our last hands-on Tiny House Building Workshop- the other build was MUCH larger and we'll showcase that soon. We also heard from close to a dozen guest speakers, dwellers, designers, bloggers, and builders- AND toured a really cool NEW tiny house model from "The Jamaica Cottage Shop"- one designed by Domenic Mangano- that tour is also below....

Anyway, even in this tiny little build, we were able to showcase, teach, and demonstrate.... (AND it was one of two things we could build to FULL COMPLETION, as opposed to working on the floor and one single wall of a larger tiny house in 2-3 days). We want people to leave with photos, inspiration, and know-how! AND we want to give them the ability to problem-solve and think outside the box....

-Angle cuts and simple joinery
-Plunge cuts
-Fitting/installing windows
-Working with a various materials- tongue and groove cedar, ply, different lumber denominations
-Waterproofing techniques
-Maximizing efficiency is lumber use and lengths
-Building and designing on a budget
-Tuftex and polycarbonate roofing and wall techniques
-Various fasteners
-On-center framing- both tradition and untraditional
-Triple-planning in design (this build had to be moved and had many spatial challenges)
-and more....

All in ONE of two builds we tackled to benefit "The Fuller Craft Museum" in Brockton, MA

OUR NEXT WORKSHOP? (click on the banner at the top of this blog for sign-up info (click, THEN scroll down).....

AND check out this NEW model "The Charlavail" from "The Jamaica Cottage Shop"! 

And check out my book here!