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Monday, April 23, 2018

WOMEN Of The Tiny House Scene EVENT/Workshop! Boston, MA area!

Above: Katie Jackson of Katie Jackson Woodworks AND B&B Micro Manufacturing (Tiny House Builders) 

So May 3rd, not only is the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA putting on a fundraising event (with a book signing, cash bar, live art, AND a tiny house to tour from Craft and Sprout Tiny Homes of CT!!!) with FIVE area women that are either tiny house builders or dwellers (or both), but we'll be hosting a VERY INTIMATE, FUN, all-skill-levels building workshop where we'll work on a live shelter project (two actually) that will then be on display in the museum's MAIN gallery until October!

Above: THIS is the gallery we'll be building in all weekend! Can't wait! Its a HUGE room....

How cool is that!?
If interested YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE

JUST into the Friday speaker event and want to know more about the women involved? Click HERE 

We only have about 10 spots open, so don't miss out (May 3-5th).

While the Friday, May 3rd event is ticketed separately, those who sign up for the FULL building workshop will ALSO get admission to the Friday event with our guest speakers.

So come on out, bring a ton of questions in tow, and meet some great, driven, and, well, bad-ass women from the tiny house scene!

Yes, there will be men teaching and building too, but just not on Friday.

Its going to be fun, is all for a great cause (to support the museum and its art programs), and we'll also be witnessing some LIVE graffiti and mural work from Columbian artist Felipe Ortiz!

Tour THIS tiny house from Craft and Sprout Tiny Homes- 

Further questions-

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Deek's NEW "Community of Tiny Houses" Shirts! Limited Run!

Support us, rock some COOL Tiny House Gear, and spread the scene word by picking one up HERE:

     Hey, so I hadn't really announced it yet, but I recently teamed up with Alex Eaves (Film Director, Obsessed 311 Fan, Reuse expert) on a new "Tiny House Community" T-shirt for his clothing line "Stay Vocal".

What he does is pretty darn cool, so be sure to check out his story and/or projects at He even launched a kid-art based "young entrepreneurs" line recently, where the aim is to inspire kids to get into the arts, while creating, AND while sharing a profit of each shirt sold with each young designer.
One might say he's "Down" for kids to "Come Original" in an art sense....

Meanwhile (and back on track without any more 311 song-name nods), I penned this sketch for Alex that has been turned into a limited run t-shirt....

Its part robot, part hidden tiny house, part silhouetted tiny house community in the back.... ALL fun.

So check it out!

My portion of the proceeds will go to help keeping our art space running in Stoughton, MA, where we often have public events....

Speaking of which....

Bill Manspeaker- the lead singer of Grammy-Nominated Act "Green Jelly" will be doing a DIY "Punk Rock Puppets" demo on Mother's Day, May 13th, 2018, IN STOUGHTON, MA, in our art space...

Green Jelly are certified Gold Record Selling Artists too!

$12 a head.... 1pm-3pm
Limited to 24 people....
Or PayPal $12 to id: ""

KID FRIENDLY! Bill is WILD, but can turn/tone it down for a kid audience and has done MANY of these workshops. You'll love this guy!

We'll have a special VIP corner (chocolates and flowers) for the Moms too!

Origami, Puppets, Weird road stories, and more!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Hands-On Tiny House Build Workshops hit- WA, NC, NE, and MA!

Yep- we have quite the roster of Diedricksen Brothers HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshops on the way! One of them is even in the MAIN gallery of an art museum outside of Boston, MA!

Hit the banner on the homepage above if you want more information! These workshops do sell out quickly!!!

AND- if interested in the Tiny House Bundle- THIS IS THE LAST DAY!!!! $49 for over $725 worth of tiny house plans and books! 

Tiny house framing, sheathing, building on a trailer, insulation, systems, and MUCH more- AND you'll tour a tiny house (or two) at these classes! These are geared for ANY skill level- including none- its one of the reasons we employ multiple hosts!

THESE ARE NOT slide show presentation in a conference room- you will be building and designing alongside us! if you have questions....

-Derek "Derek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Women Of The Tiny House World- In Search Of...

Katie Jackson- Also of "Katie Jackson Woodworks"- one of our speakers...

     So, we've been asked BACK to do another fundraising Tiny House Building/Building 101/Salvage workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA (the place is awesome- and space is limited!), and this time they're letting us do a build in the MAIN GALLERY, which will be built by our workshop class as a group AND be on display publicly for quite some time!

AND.... The Friday evening of our three day workshop, we're hosting a museum-auditorium event (music, cocktails, speakers, demos, and more!) and I've decided that I want to make Friday night ONLY about women in the scene!

So, we do have a few lined up already, but we'd like to pack the bill with more- make it almost an avalanche of cool and eclectic speakers- tiny house builders, dwellers, bloggers, and more!

We'd LOVE to get some local minority representation too!

SO, if you might be interested.... check out this video for details, AND after doing doing so- newenglandrockpress at gmail (attn: Brian)- drop us a line.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

COW POWER- heat/fuel from ANIMAL DUNG? (tiny house applications?)

Just getting a discussion started here, as this experience in the New Mexican desert got me thinking....

"Animal Dung" is certainly a constant and renewable "product", so could it/should it be used in wood stoves, or for cooking applications?

For the record, the dry dung pieces we used (basically compacted sun-dried straw that wasn't fully digested) did not smell AT ALL- nor did they when burned. These are more or less "the original bio-bricks".

Check out this video...

WHY were we near Deming, NM in the Chihuahuan Desert? To check out a cabin I designed (and that was built by Sam and Lynsi Underwood of The Small Dwelling Company). This getaway or glamping cabin came out great, and IS FOR SALE.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Abandoned New Mexico Tiny House "Dome Home"

Pretty funky and unusual, eh? 

Dustin and I JUST got back from road tripping in New Mexico AND Texas and on my last day on the road I stumbled across THIS. It was located just beyond downtown Las Cruces, NM. 

It looks as if it might have been the main dwelling/office to a motel compound, but I'm not really sure.

Anyone have any info on this one? I'd love to know more. 


Monday, February 26, 2018

Tiny house vs. Hurricanes and Tornados?

     So having survived spending the night in a tiny house (down in Tennessee) that was hit with a 105 mph microburst in the middle of the night (not a fun experience- complete with watching trees fall down around us), I'm a big proponent of making sure that you should do just about anything within your power to ensure your tiny house is safe from high winds. Granted, you're not going to ever be able to do anything that will make a home "100% Hurricane proof", short of locking it in a brick bunker, but THERE ARE some precautions that can be taken.

Here is one of them- an installation we saw first hand at our last "Tiny House Summer Camp 5" in Vermont. We will have a Tiny House Summer Camp 6 in September most likely.... stay tuned!

....AND we have upcoming hands-on tiny house/green building workshops in Joshua Tree, Omaha, Boston, Seattle, and more....  


-Derek "Derek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SIX New Tiny House Workshops w/The Diedricksen Brothers.....

Call it friggin' overkill- we call it passion and obsession. 

Dustin and I have some AWESOME builds on the way and we want YOU to be part of them, and to join us and our MANY co-hosts as we guide you through the steps, methods, and ACTUAL BUILD EXPERIENCES on these work sites. Have fun, get dirty, make your mistakes HERE and not on your own build, and meet a ton of great, likeminded, and creative people! 

THESE ARE ALL HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS! Something you RARELY get elsewhere. Go ahead, search around for others, we encourage it. We've been doing this workshops since 2009 and don't intend to stop any time soon.

Hosts Dustin and Deek Diedricksen 

     Our workshops are small and intimate and not huge cattle-calls by the hundred or more where you never get one on one time with the hosts.

So here's what we have coming up in 2018

-February 17th-18th- Stoughton, MA SOLD OUT

-March 23-25th- Joshua Tree, CA SOLD OUT

-April 28th- Pink Hill, NC (TinyHouseNC Street Festival (Selling FAST!)

-May 3-4-5- The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA

-May 25th-27th- Monroe, Washington (Tree House AND Tiny    House Based)

-June 16th- Omaha, NE- At the Midwest Tiny House Festival

Each workshop (of if not, SOON) is described and linked (for sign-ups) HERE:
(Note: If a particular workshop is not listed yet, it soon will be)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

JUST Announced! NC Tiny House Building 101 Class- Pink Hill, NC

'Tis true!
While Deek Diedricksen is the keynote speaker for the Tiny House NC Street Festival in Pink Hill, NC on April 27th-29th, 2018, he'll also be doing a side HANDS-ON building/tiny house 101 workshop on Saturday, April 28th. 

About the host: Derek "Deek" Diedricksen was the Host/designer/builder for the HGTV series "Tiny House Builders", the host of HGTV's "Extreme Small Spaces", and has built and designed for the DIY Network, The History Channel, The NY Times, and beyond. He is the author of four tiny house-related books, including the best seller "Microshelters" (Storey Press).

Note: We're limiting this to only 35 students!

-Live framing and building- ACTUALLY BUILD WITH US! 
We'll cover headers, rafters, building and squaring your base, trailers vs. foundations, insulation...
-Tricks of the trade- time and money saving tips we use in the field
-Materials and tool selection
-An open QnA session
-Talks on "How to Build with Less- FOR LESS"
-"What NOT to do in your tiny house build/design (the frequent mistakes we see!)
-And MUCH more

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY IF YOU WANT TO LEARN THE ROPES- and not by just seeing and hearing, but by DOING. 

Its 4.5 hour course- with a guest speaker/demo TBA, and led by myself.
It will take place SATURDAY, April 28th- 9:30am to 2pm
Bring a lunch and snacks, sunscreen, and work clothes (we do have a covered spot to work in case of rain).
Tools- when you sign up, much closer to the date of the workshop, an instructive email will be sent mentioning items you should bring IF you have them- nothing fancy, don't worry (hammer, goggle, gloves, etc).

We're keeping this fairly small too, as we don't want it to be a giant cattle call where no one gets to see, do, or ask. We want you right in the thick of things!

Cost: $75 
-The WORKSHOP (per person)
-A full-weekend pass to the festival ($15 value)
-Deek's new framing plan set for "The Dart" cabin ($35 value)

"The Dart" plans can also be purchased by those who can't attend the workshop- HERE....

A deposit of $25 is required to secure the spot (non-refundable (so PLEASE make sure your calendar is in order- BUT transferable to ANY other course of ours)).

Any questions, or if interested in sponsoring the event- newenglandrockpress at 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Could you LIVE in just 54 Square Feet?

Granted, this isn't for most- heck, living in a space so small isn't for just about everyone, but it can be done, and despite some of the comments you might see with dwellings like these, it IS a home- and someones full time dwelling.

Call it a camper, a tear drop, a micro rv, or a tiny house- its not really important- but this IS a full time dwelling for Texan Richard Ward. It might not be YOUR style (or that of most), but Richard finds a way to make it work, and is LOVING it.

And this video tells a good chunk of the "How" and "Why".

We caught up with the ever migrating Richard at this past years Tiny House Jamboree in Arlington, TX (which was amazing! I hope to go back!)

Richard's prior home (through his company ) was colossal by comparison, as around 240 square feet!

-Deek Diedricksen