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Sunday, October 2, 2022

How to make DIY Mud Walking Shoes- they're called "PATTENS"

     For all your explorers, seaside and swamp mudlarkers, and even those willing or wanting to traverse muddy territories (say, for instance, while looking at a parcel of land before buying it), these super easy DIY mud walking shoes might be right up your alley. 

These were recently featured on my OTHER YouTube channel "Streets Shall Provide" (please check it out and Subscribe!)

Here's what went down. Enjoy. 

These are FUN to use, but being a pretty big guy, as you'll see, mine might need to be a little larger so as to work more effectively. 


Friday, May 20, 2022

Our real-deal TINY HOUSE feature film is done! The Debut..

Yes, its true. 

Yes, it took five years of planning, building, filming, and editing to complete. 

YES- Our tiny house film is done and we have now announced our VERY FIRST PUBLIC SCREENING!

Ticket Link:

Aside from our full length feature film you will also get admission to the Fuller Craft Museum, AND get to tour the very house that the film is based on. 

Oh yeah, BOTH directors/builders (myself and Alex Eaves) will be there to do a QnA afterwards. 

Its a GREAT venue- half the proceeds benefit the museum and there will be MANY on hand from the tiny house scene to hang and schmooze with. Come join us! 

Press/questions- ("Attn: Tiny House Movie")

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Giant Robot Tree House w/a Mustache? Live Build Workshop!

                          ASMR style Tree House Concept Sketch Video- Why The Heck Not? 

A few have asked in the past, so I decided to film a real-time design-process video on the planning and brainstorming phases of a tree house we just might tackle at a workshop (fully hands-on) happening in New Market, Alabama on May 14th and 15th this year (2022). This video talks about quite a few money saving and time saving approaches when it comes to actually building your backyard tree house or clubhouse/tree fort. Ya' just may get some new ideas from it. 

And these are definitely NOT Pete Nelson style tree house builds for $200k. LOVE that dude and his work(!), but this is the lo-fi budget and 101 approach to things which ALSO ties into a lot of tiny house building and framing too (we'll also get into that!)

                           And if you'd like to join us for the full weekend workshop, check it out! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Alabama Hands-On Tree House and Tiny House Workshop- May 14-15, 2022! JUST announced

A Tree House and Tiny House Building Workshop in Alabama? 

A recent budget tree house build of ours in Massachusetts- Design and photo by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Yes, its true- we ARE heading down to Alabama (the town of New Market) to host a small, intimate, hands-on tree house building workshop- where we'll also cover many things "tiny house"- with live framing demos, YOU actually building, discussion sessions, and more! Its a fun weekend, a great chance to network, and you'll have PLENTY of time to ask questions one on one (so come armed with tons of 'em!). 

When: Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th

(THERE IS ALSO a separate-ticket movie screening event this weekend too (Sat night)- with a QnA from the directors and builders (link below)

TWO full days or fun projects, learning, actually building a tree house, learning to frame, and more. 

Limited to 16 students only. 18+ 

Hosted by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (former HGTV and DIY Network host and designer and author of the bestseller "Microshelters" and "Micro Living"). Deek has been building tiny houses, cabins, and tree houses for three decades now. 

We taught cub scouts(!) to build this little hobby cabin/guest shack! So yes, YOU can do it! 


Alex Eaves- Reuse Expert, Tiny House Dweller, Director of the tiny house film "Box Truck Film- A REUSEful Home", and founder of Stay Vocal Apparel. Check out HIS home at 

You will be building alongside these two all weekend at LEIGH ACRES! A super funky and fun event space where you'll see everything from converted horse trailers (into a rental cabin), to a vintage caboose and more. This place is loaded with cool art too! 



Questions/sponsorships (wanna be in all our posts, on the flyer/poster and more, get mentions in videos on our YouTube channel, and more?)- 

New Market, Alabama and this tree house and tiny house workshop is located smack between several large cities- Atlanta, Georgia- Chattanooga, Tennessee- Birmingham, Alabama- Nashville, Tennessee- Huntsville, Alabama..... 

(For those looking for/into: Alternative building techniques, salvage and reuse, architectural salvage, cabins and camp construction, building for less, recycling, tree forts, building with salvage, and budget building)

Friday, February 18, 2022

Two young women build a great little A frame cabin- on the cheap!

 Here is another build from the plans I devised and offer up on this very site (click on the "workshops" banner that is on the top of almost every page for more on it). 

In this case, the "Transforming A Frame Cabin" was tackled by two sisters, and they were kind enough to share their video tour of their cabin build with us tiny house addicts on my YouTube channel. 

We have almost SIX HUNDRED tiny house, tree house, cabin, cottage, and studio/she-shed video tours and DIY build overviews up now on "RelaxshacksDOTcom"- one of the first tiny house related YouTube channels ever. We're not the biggest, but we're still out there duking it out and filming- and having fun with it. We also touch upon off grid living quite a bit as well. 

Be sure to check out the channel and subscribe if you haven't

We have OTHER cool A-Frame Cabin build tours on the channel as well! 


Also- keep checking our workshop link as we do have a hands-on tiny house and tree house building workshop coming up in Alabama in May (2022)- Space will be limited. 20 is our max so as to ensure you get lots of hands on and building experience! 

And more from these two women at 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Small House meets ASMR Graffiti Art Makeover Video.....

 This one is certainly different for this site, but in the spirit of low-budget, DIY, home decor, and well, thinking outside the box, I figure that this video might intrigue some of you (and scare the hell out of the rest of ya). Enjoy. 

"Come on up to New Hampshire and graffiti the heck out of this kids bedroom for us, would ya?". And so I did. The room you'll see is part of a REALLY COOL Keene, NH airbnb listing that is entirely art themed in that each room focuses on different artists (one being me- @DeekDiedricksenart ). After this all went down (I did everything you see in a day) I later ended up getting Covid (the Omnicron variant- fun!) and while in "basement quarantine" I stumbled across a series of ASMR relaxation videos that I got sucked into. I then realized that this here film (which I originally intended to release in sped-up "time lapse" format) was pretty interesting and relaxing in its real time mode- at least I felt so. Whatever the case, it was a free form graffiti art project that through the narrations, gives a little insight into what I was thinking (and wasn't thinking) at the time. Everything you see is spur of the moment and unplanned. I hope you find it fun! (file under: painting, street art, punk rock art, mural painting) #bostonartist #graffitiart #kidsbedroommakeover #outsiderart #monstersandrobots


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Tiny House Fixer-Upper for Sale- only $4k!

Its rare that you'll see a tiny house for sale for so little (even one in rough shape). I mean, even the lumber alone these days is worth a small fortune, never mind the time and labor. Well, here is a 14' by 8' tiny house on wheels (not road worthy) that is up for sale in Pembroke, MA that DEFINITELY needs A LOT of work. Question is: Could it be worth it? It is a cute little cabin (with a composting toilet, loft, and small kitchen space) that would certainly give you a jump on things/tiny house living, but you'll definitely need some know-how and elbow grease to finish this one and bring this little home to life. On the other hand, if fixed up, it could make for a cool little backyard rental, guest house, art studio, yoga space, or she-shed. Some of these airbnb's and hip camp rentals bring in a small fortune these days so it would be something to consider. 

Whatever your take on it, check out this video for more. 

If interested in purchasing it- contact the owner here-

Monday, November 22, 2021

Desert Glamping Tents- could YOU live in one full time tiny house style?

     Dustin and I recently got back from hosting another hands-on build and design workshop in Twentynine Palms CA (the group was AWESOME!!!) and while we were there we also had a chance to camp out/stay at this GREAT glamping rental spot called "Heavenly Cielito". Check out the video and see for yourself how very cool this spot was! Question is- how many of you could live in a tent like this full time? Or even seasonally? The particular tent we stayed in about approximately 12' wide and 16' long- 192 square feet- larger than some tiny houses I've been in. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Photo Gallery! GORGEOUS A-frame tiny house rental build for only $2k!!!



     You might recognized the names Garrett Hohn and Alla Ponomareva as they built a cabin from my plan sets (the "Transforming A Frame") a few years back and have been renting it on airbnb seasonally. Well, thanks to the amazing photo work of Alla, this A-frame soon went viral and eventually was featured on magazine covers, in national Zillow ads, on Hipcamp, and beyond- heck, even Apartment Therapy did a feature on it! Well, this duo is back at it again on their tiny cabin and tiny house rental compound with this super cool spin on these A frame plans of mine- a cabin with TWO opening walls/roof panels. Alla and Garrett really have a knack for interior design and color play and this little rental (also used as a hunting blind out there in Montana) is certainly no exception. Oh yeah, it was built for a mere $2k- showing that a mini glamping empire can be built on very little, so long as a little creativity is implemented! Again, check out the video, and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts over on YouTube! We'd love to hear from you. 

Also, in a similar design vein, be sure to check out the A-frame tree house I recently completed in Connecticut. Its another spin on "The transforming A-frame" (video is further below). 

Their airbnb rental link is further below as well. 

Also- here is a link to the A FRAME CABIN PLANS this cabin was inspired by. Click HERE

And here are a few more photos (from Alla Ponomareva)

And the A-Frame tree house I recently designed and completed.....

To rent one of the cabins at Alla and Garrett's place in Montana...  CLICK HERE

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A frame tree house with flip-open wall (and a cool zip line!)


     So here's the latest tree house I've built for a family (third one this season). Its definitely simple, follows my love for A-frame cabins (see my "Transforming A-frame cabin plans" below) and was built in panels and trucked out to CT to save time (as you'll see in the video). This tree cabin could make for a cool, simple, affordable, glamping rental (for airbnb or for hipcamp) and while only a mere 7' by 7' at the base, it is able to sleep two adults in sleeping bags, or fit an air mattress. 

Here's a real time walk through tour of it, AND some sped up time lapse sequences of the build process. 

Check out the tree house zip line in action too! 

I might have plans for this down the road so keep checking the plan link banner on this website. 

-Deek Diedricksen