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Monday, May 20, 2024

Where the heck has Deek been? (and Tiny House Summer Camp 2024!)

     I've seen this comment on YouTube videos and blog posts. Don't worry, I'm still here and we still have Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont coming up- your chance to build and camp out with us on a 10 acre spread. We've been doing that hands-on weekend since 2010 and don't plan on stopping. 

BUT.... I've also become more addicted to vintage and antique bottle digging- aka "dirt fishing". It's something that has occupied some of my time with my OTHER YouTube channel. 

Just what the heck is Dirt Fishing? Well here is one little dig excursion we went on in search of 100+ year old glass bottles. I'll warn you, if you get into it, the hobby is addicting- AND one where you can't be afraid to get filthy. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Another tiny house PALLET WOOD build for glamping (and TINY HOUSE WORKSHOP!)

     So we've been busy with a few things outside of building and filming tours. For one I'm wrapping up work on writing (and now illustrating) my 5th book. This one will be on treehouses, and will more so focus on the slightly more affordable ones. No other books really seems to hone in on that so I wanted to give those type builds some exposure- after all, we aren't all Rockefellers. $$$$ 

We're also gearing up for two FULLY HANDS-ON BUILDING WORKSHOPS this year- one on Tiny Houses and the other on Tree Houses. Come hang out and literally build with us! 

Hit the link here if you want more info, or to sign up. These workshops are FUN- action packed, and taught by multiples hosts. You're welcome to camp out for free too. One is in Vermont and the other will be in Maine. 

I've also been doing some social media and photo work for "Leigh Acres" this GREAT glamming resort and art farm in Alabama. 

Do me a favor and follow them on Instagram here-

I'd hugely appreciate it. They have some very fun and creative stuff going on down there and their airbnb rentals are very inventive- one being a treehouse I build as well. Oh yeah, it's a giant robot! 

AND....yeah, we've still be building, tinkering, and cobbling. Here is a tiny little glamping rental trail that we rehabbed for Leigh Acres recently. We did quite a bit of the work with free pallet wood, as you'll see in this video! Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 27, 2024


     Yes, it's been awhile, but because so many have asked, we're doing another treehouse-focused hands-on workshop in Maine (outside Augusta) in August. Hit the link for more details and to learn a bit about what we'll cover! It's going to be FUN! 18+, unless you sign up with an adult. Camping on site (if you wish to). 

Taught by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, former HGTV host ("Tiny House Builders") and author of the bestselling book "Microshelters". 

If you haven't done much building before, this will be a great workshop for you and much of what is taught will parallel many of the principles of tiny house construction too! So you'll be off to a great start in both fields. 


Spaces are limited (we're only accepting 20 students) so don't sleep on this one! 

Come swing a hammer with us and learn a ton from the pros! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Look Towards Simplicity- When Tiny Houses Are Getting Overcomplicated....

     I hear the chatter more and more often- "Have Tiny Houses gotten too complicated? Too high end?". In a way I feel that they have and I've felt that the scene has changed quite a deal from what it once was ten or twelve years ago. Perhaps that is a discussion for another time. And SIMPLICITY and vernacular design is certainly something we'll focus on at Tiny House Summer Camp in September (It's fun!!! Join us!).

                                    Link to this year's "Tiny House Summer Camp" HERE 

In any case, in the sub-genre of "sheds as tiny houses" I came across this builder recently and thought that this cabin design of theirs was not only pretty darn sturdy looking, but was also a simple (yet large enough) footprint or floor plan that could be rather conducive towards a workable tiny house. So for all the shed conversion fans, here ya go! 

Check out the video overview they sent us, and let us know your thoughts in the video comments.... 

Friday, August 18, 2023

This SMALL HOME is perfect for a family (and TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP!!!)

     On a recent jaunt to NY to build a tree house that was to be photographed for a book I'm curently working on for my publisher, we had the pleasure of staying this airbnb tiny house, or "Small house", rental in the woods of NY near the Catskills. In this video we give you a full walkthrough of the place and talk about some of its features and its very simple, yet effective, layout. You might be able to grab some small home layout ideas from this one! 

And don't forget that TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP TEN(!) is coming up- you chance to camp out with us (or you can stay in a local hotel/motel), build, hear from guest speakers, witness live demos, tour tiny houses, and more! 

Upcoming Workshops:

Sept 15-17th- Orleans, Vermont 

November 18-19th- Yucca Valley, California

These are BOTH hands-on- you'll learn by doing! They're always fun! 

CLICK HERE for more....

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Tiny House Summer Camp TEN in Vermont- Come build and design with us! Sept 15-17th

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP- Sept 15-17th, 2023- YEAR TEN!!! Yes, you'll ACTUALLY be building and designing with us! Click HERE for MORE DETAILS and to SIGN UP! 

Orleans Vermont- THREE DAYS (we'll catch you up if you can only make two). All on a ten acre off-grid spread! 

Multiple hosts- all hands on- camping (if you'd like (free)), tour tiny houses and tree houses, and more! 

Hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen (former hosts, designers, builders for HGTV and the DIY Network). 


THE CAT ART (Reused Vinyl Sleeves)- They are $40 each. 

Or $550.00 for the gallery of ALL SIXTEEN (if still available)

If you're here because of the CAT ART at Red Eye Roasters in Hingham, MA- here is what we have left. We will X-out each piece as they sell. 

A list of what piece sells to who/whom will be given to the shop, and WHEN the pieces come down (the showing ends), they will be available for pick-up at Red Eye Roasters. You will be notified by email. Make sure you include your ACTIVE email. 

I can also MAIL them for an extra $12 for packaging and postage (anywhere in the US). You must add the $12 to the price of the piece. 

Check out my other art on Instagram too- @DeekDiedricksenArt

I AM available for custom work as well-

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Desert Builder uses "Dirt, Sticks, and Salvage" to craft his Tiny House Creations

Want to get a glimpse of a few building practices and approaches you might never have considered when building your tiny house or off grid homestead? Check this one out- its loaded with a tours of not one, but SEVERAL desert builds- and all ones that were built from, well, local dirt, sticks, and upcycled materials. 

Monday, December 5, 2022

They turned a SILO into a GORGEOUS Tiny House

    This is certainly one for the repurposing fans, and if you give the video tour a look (Thanks to Michael Hicks of the "Mike Does" channel on Youtube for the guest tour) you will see quite a few very cleverly thought-out hacks and repurposing approaches. The decor in this tiny house or tree house is also pretty stunning. If you like funky "flea market chic" and eclecticism then this one might be for you. It's also an Airbnb rental under the name "The Sassafras Treehouse", and it is certainly a place I would love to see in person at some point. Its a no-brainer- this one combines my love of tree houses, tiny houses, and reused and salvaged materials- all of which combine to make this such a unique and attractive build. 

Be sure to check out the very creative Murphy bed, or "Captains Bed" that was custom built for this rental- also the old piano that they turned into an electric fireplace! So many upcycling ideas in this one! 

Sunday, October 2, 2022

How to make DIY Mud Walking Shoes- they're called "PATTENS"

     For all your explorers, seaside and swamp mudlarkers, and even those willing or wanting to traverse muddy territories (say, for instance, while looking at a parcel of land before buying it), these super easy DIY mud walking shoes might be right up your alley. 

These were recently featured on my OTHER YouTube channel "Streets Shall Provide" (please check it out and Subscribe!)

Here's what went down. Enjoy. 

These are FUN to use, but being a pretty big guy, as you'll see, mine might need to be a little larger so as to work more effectively. 


Friday, May 20, 2022

Our real-deal TINY HOUSE feature film is done! The Debut..

Yes, its true. 

Yes, it took five years of planning, building, filming, and editing to complete. 

YES- Our tiny house film is done and we have now announced our VERY FIRST PUBLIC SCREENING!

Ticket Link:

Aside from our full length feature film you will also get admission to the Fuller Craft Museum, AND get to tour the very house that the film is based on. 

Oh yeah, BOTH directors/builders (myself and Alex Eaves) will be there to do a QnA afterwards. 

Its a GREAT venue- half the proceeds benefit the museum and there will be MANY on hand from the tiny house scene to hang and schmooze with. Come join us! 

Press/questions- ("Attn: Tiny House Movie")