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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Dog, A Tiny Cabin Project, The Woods Of Vermont….

I was looking back at some photos of mine from previous workshops I've hosted/taught, and this is one of my favorites I took….

This off-grid cabin is only 80 square feet in size, but with a soon-to-be-built loft, and a large array of windows to give view to the woods and trees around, it'll feel much larger.

This (still in the works) is a cabin we framed and designed in the backwoods of Vermont, called "The Rockhill" (a nod to Bill Rockhill from who speared-headed the group on my cabin concept). Its also located on a hill, and next to a HUGE rock, so the name seemed more than fitting.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this shot of my dog, "Orzo", posing in front of this cabin, as I gear up for our biggest and best workshop yet- One just outside Memphis, TN- April 11-13th, with a list of speakers, designers, builders, and bloggers, so long, its getting crazy! I really can't wait for this. We're limiting the number of attendees, and its filling up fast!- so don't wait too long.

Oh yeah, its completely hands-on, and we're building TWO CABINS as a group! There's NO QUICKER WAY TO LEARN!