joshua tree workshop 2018

Monday, January 13, 2014

This Tree House is solely suspended by ropes- no nails or bolts!

      I really should have officially posted this long ago, as this went public about six months back, as did some of my hosting work/episodes for HGTV, but better late than never I suppose! Things have been crazy here, but in a good way- especially with the upcoming Tiny House Building Workshop (Hands-On) that I have coming up April 11-13th. If you haven't seen what we have in store, its just LOADED with tiny house tours, guest speakers, live demos, campfire discussions, and us all building two cabins! While enrollment is still open (before it sells out), the banner on the top of my site will give you full details….

What reminded me that I never really publicized this tree house project (one I designed, built, and hosted) was selling this tree house to a family just the other day. My yard is a virtual village of tiny structures and in-the-works designs, so a few of 'em just need to go, here and there, to make way for other tiny houses, cabins, and funky forts.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen