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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Cabin Eye Candy- a 48 square foot backyard office....

'Another cabin we tackled at my Tiny House/Cabin Building Workshop.... "The Bread Box"- a simple to build, tiny, backwoods retreat for weekending, hunting, backyard office use, or who knows what.

This is another tiny cabin that I'll eventually have a plan set for- AND INTERIOR PHOTOS OF- once I'm done working on it. There's still much to do on this one, so you'll see plenty more later.
Its one that'll also be for sale soon too- with a charity tie-in, as its not on my property, and will eventually need to be moved. Kidcedar at if interested.

Its 8' by 6' at its base, 8' tall, its entire door-wall is built-in shelving, and the cabin is dwarfed a little by its full size 36" wide door- but it was one I couldn't resist using as I loved the look of it, AND found it FREE on the side of the road.

Most of its rounded roof, by the way, is a material called "TUFTEX"- a polycarbonate roofing product that I use all the time. This stuff is durable, easy to install, and rugged.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen