Tiny House Summer Camp 5

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lovin' The Light- A Tiny Cabin/Backyard Office In The Sun.....

Here's a shot of the front wall of a cabin we built at my last workshop.... one named...."The Relax Shack" (as I figured it was about time I gave one that moniker!). Its tiny, standing at under 8' by 8', easy to build, affordable, and I will eventually have a pdf plan set for it. Its intent is for either a backyard retreat, a small office space, reading room, kid's play space, yoga studio, and/or a greenhouse.

Once finished, it will be photographed for inclusion in my in-the-works book through a new publisher, I'll shoot a video tour of it, and then ultimately, It'll probably be for sale, with the proceeds tying into a charity I've yet to pick- or charities. A portion of the proceeds will also go towards the funding of a few more tiny house tours and diy projects that I want to film to share with you all (for my youtube show). Lastly, $6.00 of it, I'll be honest, will go towards beer.

More photos to come, as you really can't make much from this one funky photo.....

If possibly interested in this cabin (one I'm still putting a lot of work and materials into)- I'm at kidcedar at gmail.com
Its not on my property, so it has to be moved/sold sooner or later :(

Its back wall is pretty awesome- check this out.... and I just finished installing a new, rustic ceiling, which I'll post photos on soon....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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  1. Do you have other photos or floor plan for this 6x8 shoffice