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Monday, November 4, 2013

A Recycled Pallet Wood Bus Stop (and ONE HUGE DOGHOUSE!)

Mary Frances Carlton, one of our readers, sent us this one. She was also featured on the blog a ways back with her huge super funky/cool A-frame dog house.... AT:

Meanwhile, Ms. Carlton's been busy with another project, once she completed in a day. Here's what she had to say....

I'm a single mom with two young teen boys who wouldn't be caught dead carrying umbrellas. Our house is a good 250 yards from the road with tree cover that does not allow one to watch for the bus, and unless on a dead sprint, it wouldn't wait for you anyway! So wanting to use up more of my discarded junk and free pallets...and wanting an excuse to spend a day outside in the last of the beautiful weather, I decided to put together a free, functional bus stop. My kids also like to carry hot drinks and bowls of cereal with them in the morning and I was tired of mugs and bowls left in the mailbox.. now they have a dumping station AND a place to stay dry if it is pouring rain!  It is made up of four free pallets from a local hardware store, and an old peg board with a reinforced frame that came from my laundry room remodel, and happened to be the perfect size (which was on it's way to the burn pile anyway. The vinyl 70's bench was a freebie out of a local casket company that went out of business. It is tucked back off the driveway and is about 30 feet from the road where it is not an eyesore, blending with the landscape and easy to hear and watch for the school bus :)

Do, check out her funky dog house (more photos at the link above)!