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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tour this funky modern, pre-fab, cabin....and FIVE more....

Well, looks like I might have my next tiny house building workshop the weekend of Oct 20/21st- and it may even be a three day affair again....with limited slots.

THE LAST FOUR WORKSHOPS I'VE HOSTED HAVE SOLD OUT, so don't "dilly-dally" if you're interested.
More to come soon!
Meanwhile, if you want in, and want me to email you more info as I lock things down-

Tour cabins, collectively design, build, and learn the tricks of the trade!

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. love it it looks so great hahaha x

  2. we so would love one of these right now we had to evac our home due to contamination from oil fumes and shifting can you build one on wheels and how much would it cost?

  3. A simple way to build this.... Get a 8x16 portable building...mount it on a trailer frame... And finish inside as desired.

    1. That wouldn't work or be safe, there are several extra steps and framing precautions needed to build for travel....most sheds are built very cheaply and poorly. Anyway, the little guest cabin shown is not on wheels, just in case....