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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deek, Joe Coover, and Austin Hay- tiny house geeks "In A VW Van Down By The River!"

"Van-Coover"- Tumbleweed's Joe Coover, hangin' inside a VW "Westy" after the Vancouver Workshop

In the spirit of "livin' and lovin' 'tiny'", as I wrapped up teaching the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's workshop in Vancouver, BC the other weekend, a few of us headed over to where two attendees, Rick and Fred, were guerilla camping on the UBC campus, and hung out by their VW Westfalia. There we had a couple Alberta brews and ate some of Bre Smith's killer ribs, before taking a chance to explore the rest of the city. I've never seen SO many VW buses in a city- Joe and I lost count after awhile. The HUGE Folk music fest happening in town had something to do with it, but the locals informed me that the climate, and lack of harsh winters, is easy on classic vehicles, and one of the reason we would spot so many.

I believe this color is called "Ghostbusters/Slimer Green". Love it!
The group of people we had for this class were GREAT, and we also got to hang with/hear from....

Darren Anderson from Vancouver's VREC SOLAR- a great and knowledgeable guy (

Below- Austin Hay (who built his Tumbleweed Tiny House at age 15), hams it up inside the bus....he also was in town to hang/work/guest speak on his experiences with building tiny. A good dude, and damn enthusiastic about small design.

My stinky feet, mid-shoot in a vlog video (coming soonish)

Above: Clever Germans....the luggage rack is accessible from the INSIDE of the pop-up roof, by means of a zippered panel.....

Coover n' Bre Smith
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen