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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A COLORFUL wall hanging for my tiny houses made from scrap wood

 'The Timothy Leary Xylophone"?

The materials, step one- scrap wood I spray painted and set on a rack (an old bookshelf (that I'll soon paint and sell) to dry....
 See the finished project in the photos below...

My hyperactivity and love for all that's diy always seems to get the best of me when I'm working on a project, and I end up deviating on little side projects as ideas and materials make themselves evident.

THIS one's not rocket science, but a mere attempt to use some scrap wood, that would otherwise be trash, or kindling, as an art piece or a wall hanging that brings some vivid color (leftover spray paint) into one of my future cabins or tiny houses.

Its crude, but dang colorful, and at the very least was fun to make. 

 Me, haphazardly arranging the wood, and screwing it to a piece of recycled barn board....

Finally, the wall hanging, in place (temporarily) in my might eventually end up in my "man-cave" shed, or in the tree house I'm currently building for someone. 

I MIGHT paint over the visible screws, but I kinda like the look of them exposed.....we'll see....

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Deek...countrify them! Hot glue campy buttons. This is too cute!! Sandi

  2. You don't look old enough to know Timothy Leary.
    However...I see you do.HA!
    Love your trip inspired art! I would hang it on my wall. In fact I may make one for my camper. the screws as is or merely paint them a contrast color.
    Heck...I'm an old hippy. :)