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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Deek Budget-Building Tip #32B- Trim and Pink Flamingoes- ya' can't lose!

 HAPPY 4th of JULY! (you U.S. folks...)

The blog title is absolutely absurd, but I DID want to show you how a simple addition of trim wood can add well-needed definition to a project, AND give it more of a complete, and solid, look. Check out the finished photo here, and then the one, sans-freebie trim wood, below. If that approach still fails, when selling or photographing a pallet chair like this, stick a gaudy pink flamingo next to it so as to distract people away from the clumsy details. Kidding.....well......

More on the chair....

So yeah, I pretty much have what amounts to ADHD, but I've managed to put it to creative/good use. At any given time, while I should be completing some other project, I have a desire to start a new one...such as this lil' heap o' DIY, recycled-material, procrastination- a reclining garden chair made from re-purposed forklift pallet wood, barn planks, and 2 by 4 leftovers from a HGTV shoot I was hosting in Boston the other month. Yeah, I hate throwing things away, especially when they can be cobbled into weird furniture and sold for family pizza money (and then some). I'll probably sell this one, once coated, for $85.

These chairs are sturdy! We once dropped a car on one for a gag in a how-to video for NYC's Make Magazine, and had to re-shoot the scene- the chair wouldn't budge and started knocking the Mercedes off the car lift!

No, its not tiny housing or cabins, but in a thrift-mindset I feel it certainly ties into the movement, especially in the recycled-material sub-genre of it. And hey, I love DIY projects AND little vacation cabins, so step off!

Below: The Chair B.T. (Before Trim)

A similar chair (that I built in about 25 minutes as an after-thought at my North Carolina design and building workshop) can be seen in this little video here (alongside a forklift pallet-wood deck!).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen