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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Scamp- A micro camper (spotted on the highway in NH)

    On the way back from a recent family vacation in Franconia Notch, NH (gorgeous!!!), we spotted this classic Scamp trailer while in traffic. I snapped a few photos when we were at a standstill. What a great looking little camper! I've also attached a video showing another Scamp interior tour.....

By the way, if you're into "Tiny Caves"- the Polar Caves in Rumney, NH were incredibly fun/cool! WELL worth the admission. I was impressed at the landscaping and overall layout of the park too, and would certainly go again. GREAT place for kids (and kids-at-heart). Yes, I also made it through their infamous "Lemon Squeeze" too- NOT for those claustrophobic! See the photo way below....


Its being pulled by a dinky Subaru station wagon too- love it!


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  2. Did enough of that underground with Mother Inco. LOL not for fun...

  3. My sister used to have one of these (I wish she still did, I'd try to talk her out of it), they make good use of their space. I used to borrow it for camping periodically, likely one of the reasons I'm into tiny houses. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't see the video.