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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The eternal quest for WEIRD tiny house/cabin decor.....White Tigers, 50s Lamps, and Ugly Paintings (oh my!)

     So as many of you regular blog readers know, I'm part "thrift shop junkie", part "American-Picker" flipper (I do pretty well at it, and its FUN!), I collect and resell bizarre art, build and design micro cabins, sheds, and backyard offices (and tree houses), AND just can't resist really weird (some called it "Fugly") art and decor pieces (and only when found for next to nothing).

Well, add this one to the ranks of "Deek, what the heck are you on!??". For $5.00, I landed this 2' tall white ceramic tiger at a yard sale, which will serve as a color-piece for a photo shoot on one of my new wheeled-cabins ("The Cub"). After that, if I can stand to part with it, I can guarantee you I'll at least re-sell it for $80 or so on craigslist. I won't even list some of the stuff I've found, flipped, and re-furbished, nevermind what those items have gone for on craigslist.....or maybe I should, it'd make for an interesting side blog.

Anyway, here it is in all its "strange" glory, positioned on the front deck to worry/scare my wife as she came home from work the other day.

And a really old-school 1950s-ish lamp I landed at "Your Lucky Day" Thrift in Randolph, MA- I love that place..... $10 for this one, and it'll be used in another photo/video shoot for my cabin "The All Eights"- one I formerly used/built for a show on The History Channel.

A 3' long, by 2' high, $4.00 oil painting

It was ugly as heck to start with, and is now "a little less ugly", thanks to a quick coat of "Blood Orange" "Rustoleum 2X coverage". This is a very old Sears Kerosene heater (it still works!). No, the paint I used is not high-heat, but could be remedied if you wanted to use this beyond it being just a funky ornamental piece. I got this one FREE at a yard sale in Vermont.
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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