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Friday, July 26, 2013

A micro "floating" cabin on The "Charles Morgan" Whaling Ship

On a looooong voyage at sea, THIS is where a 20 year old woman lived......
Add a little porthole window or two, and it'd make for a nice backyard shed or writing retreat!
 These photos were sent over from Marty Skrelunas, one of our readers, who recently visited The Charles Morgan, a whaling ship that made its final docking in Mystic Connecticut, where it still remains (and can be toured) today. If you haven't been to Mystic Village, an old whaling village recreation, do check it out- and allow yourself ample time to do so.
    Anyway, Marty snapped these photos, and had this to say:

"This little cabin was made for the 20 year old bride of the captain. It was up on the deck of the ship because she couldn't handle bein below deck. I think she spent a year in this. It's about 6x6"

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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  1. Mystic Seaport is amazing. There are a lot of special events. Also, there are workshops with projects going on that speak to the inner wood butcher. There's a huge barn of a place where they (were, at least) restore the ships. Old houses with docents, etc. A great two-day trip.

    Check out the "Sea Shell" as a great clam shack + Abbot's lobster in the rough not far from town.

    Finally - and I kick myself on this one - Mystic Aquarium is amazing. Never got over there, but Dr. Ballard is involved (Titanic and all sorts of adventures).

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