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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Chunk Of A Recycled Bus as a Micro Office?

LOVE this one! Its not so space efficient as it is funky, and very unique. The owner of this office, re-purposed an old, out of commission Hungarian Bus into something quite spectacular. Even the lights work on this little indoor cabin-like, workspace! Buses, which often come very inexpensively, are also an option to consider for very affordable homes, or shelter.

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  1. Really, this is stone stupidly at its best, half a bus cab; I would have used the entire front to at least have a foot stool in place for R&R from stressful administrative duties or possibly a bar, are office bars still acceptable, I loved mine, half corked I made some of my wiser decisions. Or is there a larger story looming, is this just the receptionist desk and the meat really lies behind either of the other walls, please reveal the “rest of the story”

    1. Using the entire front of the cab would defeat the whole point of 'tiny living'...

      Personally, I think this makes for a visually interesting room divider that gives the outer room some personality, and transforms the worker's feelings from "man, my office is the size of a broom closet" to "my office is so cool - I love being in here!!"

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