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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Shed/Playhouse converted into a TINY HOUSE? Possible?

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How's this for a potential take on a great looking tiny house? This is one I saved quite a ways back, and my very quick/"3 min sketch" take on making it a liveable cabin, even if just for short stays. Apparently, this WAS used as living quarters at one point, and has quite the lengthy history- regardless, its quite the cool n' cozy little backyard cottage/shed. I originally saw it in "This Old House" magazine a year or so ago. Love it, and I wish I had more photos to see and share.

      "This shed, built on our property in 1930, was originally a playhouse and then used briefly as a home. My husband, Bob, and I relocated it and turned it into a garden shed. The color scheme was inspired by the orange quartz and gray schist on our 1809 stone house."

Nancy Jordan
Thornton, Pennsylvania

 Here's a simple scan of a sketch I whipped up, showing a few simple, space-saving ideas on how to fit a bed, a toilet/shower, and a food prep area, inside what appears to be an 8' by 8' structure. Note: The opening to the loft could be as small as 2' if you'd like, giving you even more sleep and "hang" space up above. I have it at 3', so as to leave more visual space- which tricks the mind into thinking a dwelling is bigger than it actually is. The loft could also be placed with its opening at the FRONT of the cabin, and with a wall ladder near the food prep area. 

CLICK on the sketch below to ENLARGE it....

                                                              -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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  2. Darling...
    better if on wheels :), but that could probably happen..
    Love your posts, finds, ideas and especially your videos Deek....

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