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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TEN Drool-worthy, Rustic Tree houses in the woods....

From about twelve sources on
 THESE are the kind of tree houses I love, the one's built by real people, themselves, and all done without $80,000.00 in hired specialists. Granted, those luxury tree houses are great too, I just don't think they have half the charm that tree huts like this one do. 

A treehouse in the UK (source unknown)
A tropical tree house restaurant pod at a resort....seats four diners.....

The Fern Forest Tree House- Lincoln, VT

A Tree house log cabin! Wow.....heavy, but gorgeous!
A dinky, hokey tree house in Stoughton, MA- photo by Derek Diedricksen
NOT for sleepwalkers..... a stilt-house on a cliff....

The "Tree Cabin" in Vermont- an micro lodge. Not a tree-house, but close.....and ultra-cool!
The Mill Valley Treehouse- near San Francisco

A bizarre ferro-cement tree house brainstorm that didn't make the book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"
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