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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"The Outback Shack" Micro Shelter/Hut....Photos and Video....

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 Its VERY gratifying to get email from readers who inform me that my designs, builds, or book have inspired their own creations in one way or another, and that was the case from Australia's Nathan Anderson, whose "Outback Shack" Shelter (Love it!) is a spin off/combination of ideas from my 2009 shelter on wheels "The Hickshaw", and my micro cabin "The Little Blue Bump", as Nathan states. "The Little Blue Bump", built at one of my hands-on workshops, was actually a video I almost didn't release, and its continually strange (and GREAT!) to hear that it has influenced quite a few people- in fact, twelve-year-old tiny house builder Sicily Kolbeck has cited it as her influential introduction to tiny housing in interviews- which is pretty darn cool.

Regardless, check out these photos Nathan sent on his great little shelter, and one which has improved on my old "Hickshaw" design in a few ways, I might add. Great work Nathan!

In the video, there's a cool little cameo/nod to my blog as well- thanks man! 

Nathan runs a really solid site/blog too, at

NATHAN'S VIDEO, AND MY "HICKSHAW" are both below....

MORE DETAILS from Nathan:
         I wrote to you last year as I was starting work on the 'Outback Shack' -
Micro Shelter. Well, it is finally finished and I have started to enjoy
the space. I have slept in it a couple of nights already.

I have built it on wheels so I can move it around the backyard to chase
the sun or shade. I took your advice and have used a transparent roof to
open up the space and let a whole lot more light through.

It is big enough to sit up in and long enough to lie down. It has storage
space behind the built in back rest and also in the entertainment unit
down the other end.

I have built it with three windows, one of which slides open. I got a
little keen and lay a floating timber floor which cost about 50 bucks. I
have gone with a natural stain for the external walls and I have used four
different colours inside (I bought some cheap tester containers which were
more than enough).


-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen