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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Indoor tree fort/tree house in a living room!?

What a cool guest space this would make, in addition to quite the conversation piece in your living room! Granted, you need a pretty large living room, and cathedral ceilings to pull this off, but I LOVE to look of it, and the fun vibe it conveys.

Yes, I'm a little loft and tree house obsessed, and this combines both concepts into one. In fact, we haven't nailed a date yet, but I think I'll be having a tree house building workshop this summer, right in my backyard, with a possible camping option too- we'll see. Stay tuned! Yes, it'll be all hands-on building- just like the other workshops- and FUN!

Here's another cool bed/loft bed version that I really like too...

For those who missed our other recent mini video of a tree house in the snow (in Vermont)- here it is....

Three GREAT books on the subject too....with links....

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  1. If they can do this inside of their home, maybe I can make a tree house in my garden. Can you give some ideas?

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