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Thursday, March 7, 2013

YOUR INPUT on a Micro/Tiny A-frame Cabin- that transforms!?

First, again, we have a BRAND NEW facebook page for talk on tiny houses, tree houses, yurts, cabins, houseboats, and diy decor, projects, and more- its Check it out! "Like" us, if you'd be so kind...

So one of the author/architect/illustrator teams I respect the most, David and Jeanie Stiles, and a duo I own several books from, now happen to be the two I'm teaming up with for an eventual set of VERY AFFORDABLE cabin plans. By affordable, I mean not only to purchase, but to construct. When built with new materials, this cabin would cost around $1200.00 (maybe less), and easily serve as a vacation cabin for two.

I've long had rough plans and ideas for a micro A-frame cabin that is EASY and quick to build, and now, this pairing with David Stiles will not only make these plans fun, but legible, more organized, and easy to comprehend. His artistic style is great, and those of you who haven't checked out D n' J's work, you're truly missing out. Check out the link below....

Oh yeah, the A-frame will also expand, or transform, but more on that later....

Before I ramble further, WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOUR INPUT, as David and I keep batting "size" ideas back and forth.

Which shape do you like best? I won't tell you which one I'm for, as I don't want to cloud the waters, but I'd like to know your thoughts, initial impressions, and WHY?

I think it'd be very interesting to hear from some or you, as its always good to get outside opinions. We also have a lot of real-deal craftsmen/women and pros in our midst, and who frequent our facebook groups, so why not pose this questions to some very talented and experienced individuals?

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Here are links to my book, and to one from David and Jeanie Stiles (they've released about 15 books, all of them very worthwhile). David n' Jeanie also were kind enough to write the new intro to my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" when it was re-issued through The Lyons Press, and they were supporters of the book from very early on.
You can find more on them at-