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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

40+ Dumpster Diving Craft Ideas for Budget Construction and Salvage Material Building (Tiny Homes/Cabins)

 Sorry for the posting/update delay, but I was in NYC for three days over the weekend to tour/host some tours of tiny apartments for HGTV.....some WILD PLACES! I'll post some photos when I get a chance. I got to meet some great people, and some weird pain in the ass types too, but each apartment was very unique, and ultra efficient in space efficiency.

Anyhow, here's a recent video I shot on FORTY or so ideas, or jump-off points, for projects involving common, everyday items that you might normally write-off as "trash".


  1. Derek, Would love to share photos of my Hobo Hut I built for an extended archaeological field project - with help and inspiration from your awesome book!! Here is a pic of it: Thanks! Sabrina

    1. LOVE it- where you located? I'm working on a new book and might want to feature that too, if you're game...I'd also love to do a post on it- could you send me photos? kidcedar at Thanks for sharing!