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Friday, January 18, 2013

Even The Sausalito, CA Houseboat MAILBOXES are funky!

A ways back (October) I had a chance to travel to San Francisco, CA, where I not only had the chance to stay in a treehouse, see Alcatraz, hike in Muir Woods, see the infamous "Bush Man" in action (see video below) tour the Sausalito houseboats, and hang with publisher Lloyd Kahn (author of the recent mega-kick-ass tiny house book "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter", and one of my favorites in the alternative living field), but I had a chance to take some fun photos of the general surrounding area as well- such as these.... The Mailboxes of The Sausalito Houseboats! (We'll have another post on the houseboat photos themselves soon too!)

Clever- it even drains out if you were to get water inside it from a wind-driven rain....

Below is a shot of me and Lloyd Kahn, after we had lunch at the Pelican Inn near Muir Woods (great place!).....SOON, I'll have my TOP TINY HOUSE BOOKS of the last year or so out, and Lloyd's Book is wayyyy up top....if you haven't picked it up (in "Schwarzeneggar Voice"), DO IT, DO IT NOW! If you don't dig this book, there's a good chance there's something seriously wrong with your intellect, sense of taste, and all around mental state. Its in my "Top Ten Tint House Books- EVER" list- I just need to go boot someone else off that list now....


Also, I'm selling signed copies of my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" again on this blog- each also comes with TWO signed, tiny house prints-sketches of mine, AND every tenth order gets an original block-wood painting of mine....more on that soon, or you can order through the paypal account ""- Its $16.95 cover price, plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling.

Proceeds go to buying me beer, candy, and lumber- hey, at least I'm being honest!

And here's Lloyd's Book- STELLAR REVIEWS! Czech 'em/it out!