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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Space Efficient Furniture: A tiny chair becomes a desk with a chalkboard!

All you small-space dwellers with children, check this one out! VERY clever, and I came across it in the new book "PLY DESIGN"- by Phillip Schmidt. This hefty, well laid out book, features "73 Distinctive DIY Projects In Plywood". I just picked it up yesterday and have been leafing through it quite a bit- there's definitely some great, fun, and modern, inspiration within (not to mention affordable!).

Lester Walker (Architect and Tiny House Designing Pioneer) coined the term "Turniture" (Furniture that transforms from one thing/use into another), decades back, and this little desk would certainly apply.

 This one was designed/contributed by Dieter Amick

When flipped downward, the chair's back becomes a tiny desk, with a drawer for storage, and a chalk-board surface.

The book is 320 pages, full color, and has some very thorough plans- if plywood n' funky furniture is your thing, I'd give it a whirl.
Here's a link....