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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Mini Art Studio/Reading and Writing Hut On Wheels!

 Inspired by my book! Love it!

 This one made my day, and was featured over on Mimi Day, who owns it, said that the inspiration/base for the design was my "Gypsy Junker" mini shelter from my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks". I love what her and her carpenter came up with! Its been dubbed "Henrietta" and was built atop a large utility cart purchased from Northern Tools (with a tiny hitch so it can be moved with a small lawn tractor, or by two people). Its 7' tall, and the floor is 4' by 5' 8", long enough for her to sleep in. It also features a writing desk for her artwork and crafts.

By the way, and I'll have more details soon, but my tiny office/sleeper/shelter "The Gypsy Junker" a micro camp house that was featured in The NY Times, and beyond- is for sale- $1200.00. I'll eventually have more posted on the site The proceeds will go into another two tiny shelter/house projects I'm gunning towards, and also help finish my micro shantyboat/houseboat and its related video. Kidcedar at gmail dot com if you might be interested.

Back in Henrietta, you can also see MORE photos over at Tinyhouseswoon

I was thinking shutter might look cool on that back window over the desk, and maybe another tiny little window to the right of the door..... I really like the look, and vibe of this one though- great work!

THE GYPSY JUNKER VIDEO, from 2011, if you missed it....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen