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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tiny, Tiny House Tools, Gadgets, Gear, n' Doodads!

If you hadn't heard already, Steven Harrell, of has a brand new site/service up and running now, a site called "Tiny House Gear". Basically, its a hub for recommended tiny house building, space saving, heating, and otherwise related gear. There's certainly some really cool stuff in there, and like his tinyhouselistings site, you'll find yourself spending more time than you planned, perusing its contents.

Here's what you'll see if you click over at the link HERE.... and three extra of my recommendations are below (and why)....

As for a few items I'd also include....just from my personal use and experience....(links for these are below)- I talk about these and use them at my workshops (among others)- April 26th-28th in Wilmington, NC is our next one! 3 Days Long!

1. Victorinox "Swiss Card" -It doesn't get any tinier when it comes to this one from Victorinox- YES, they're the makers of Swiss Army Knives- also immensely useful at home for odds, ends, and fixes, AND on the building/job site. This little credit card-like version, designed to fit in your wallet, is loaded with micro-tools. Naturally, its GREAT for tiny house dwellers as it doesn't take up much space at all! I love the look of 'em too- some great designing!

2. Ikea Micro Solar Lamp- Note: IF you live near an Ikea, when these are "in season", they're much cheaper than the link listed here. Also, for each one purchased, Ikea sends a second lamp to a needy school child in a third world country. This lamp comes in many colors, its pretty sleek looking, and pretty bright (l.e.d. bulbs). We've used it while camping to check the kids hair at night for ticks, for reading, and as a makeshift flashlight. You could also mount it on a wall that gets sunlight by day, and use it as a push button house light at night. I might do a video review on this down the road even.....

3. "Sheds"- well, aside from my own ("Humble Homes, Simple Shacks")- one out-of-print book that I think is GREAT for beginning carpenters is "Sheds", from the Creative Homeowners series. Its simple, well illustrated, and parallels so much of what you need to build a tiny house. 'Nuff said. The David and Jeanie Stiles Book/Version is also FANTASTIC- and cheaper actually- STILL IN PRINT TOO.

4. Angle Finder Tool- GREAT for finding rafter, and trim-work angles for your cuts. It eliminates the guess work, and its compact.

5. Stanley Fat Max Saw- Still one of my favorites, its not too expensive, and cuts VERY well.

And there are just a few recommendations, for what its worth....