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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Jamaica Cottage Shop- TEN AWESOME tiny houses, sheds, n' cabins!

Jamaica Cottage Shop's Best Seller- "The Vermonter"
 There aren't a heck of alot of tiny house, cabin, and playhouse builders in New England, as compared to elsewhere, but even beyond the region, I really think Domenic Mangano and his Jamaica Cottage Shop, in Jamaica, VT, do some of the better work I've seen. They've been at it for 15+ years now, and pretty much offer up anything you'd ever need, and have amassed quite the photo gallery of past work. I also think their prices are very reasonable too.
     Anyway, here's a mere slice of some of the work they've done, and I have so many photos I've saved from them that I love, that I just may have to do a "Part 2" post at some point.


ALSO- I buried it with a new post so quickly, but if you missed our newest video on a 45 square foot tiny cabin/house on wheels that I've been building, that video is also is a link for my book (MADE AND PRINTED IN THE USA), as well, the holidays are more or less here. 


As for the book- and thanks in advance for the support! A new book IS in the works too- send any photos of tiny houses, cabins, forts, tree houses, playhouses, and so on, that you've seen or built, to if you might want to be included in the book- and credited, etc- of course!