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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#1 on the Tiny/Small House Christmas Wishlist! lol....

Talk about space saving gadgets and multi-tasking in one!

Some of you who have been up to my Vermont Cabin/Camp for get-togethers, or my last VT, hands-on tiny house building workshop, might have had a chance to see this over at my neighbor's ("Uncle Bob") log cabin. Its a phone, radio, and toilet paper dispenser all in one- and it works too!

Never seen one before, but I'm sure there are more out there! 

I've taken some BIZARRE photos of tiny houses, camps, tree houses, space saving gadgets, and more, over the last two years, and some of it will end up in another tiny house/small shelter book I've been working on- again, if you have photos of wild stuff you've seen, or better yet, built, and want to be showcased in the book- send me your photos-

Here's my old Vermont Cabin tour video too- I have another MORE UPDATED ONE- with NEW CABINS, on the way as well!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen