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Monday, December 31, 2012

Andrea Funk's Super-Awesome Cabin/Tiny House!

 Blog reader, and fellow tiny house and cabin enthusiast (who's home was featured in a FULL PAGE photo in my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", Andrea Funk, just gave me a new set of photos showing the progress on her beautiful cabin in the woods- one where she also partly runs her cottage-industry business "Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts". Check this place out!

Also, I haven't mentioned it too recently, but slots for our 2013 Tiny House Building (Hands-On!) Workshop are filling up. If you're interested in joining us, check out the link for this Wilmington, NC THREE DAY workshop (April 26th-28th) and/or email me at kidcedar at Guest speakers include Kent Griswold of, Alex Pino of, Laura and Matt LaVoie of, and more to be announced. All in all, it will be close to 40 hours of building contact and hands on instruction- we'll all be building a tiny guest house together. All ages, and all skill levels (even NONE), are welcome.

Hi Derek,

Here are some more photos I thought you could share. We are getting close to having the cabin finished. We need to work on the steps and railings.

So we began the house over 5 years ago. We wanted a cabin in our woods so we would not have to dive up north and spend the weekends taking care of a second home. So the cabin is in the back woods about 300 yards from the house. We have power, no sewer. Electric base board heat. I hope to get a propane stove eventually.

The first year we got the post and beam "foundation" and the basic structure of the building, including the windows and the 5th and 6 photos. Then I cedar shaked it. Then the ceilings went in - painted boards that we recycled from a 100 year old building . (we planed them, tongued and grooved) photo 7. Photo 8 is putting up the knotty pine. It's been a slow project, but we are getting close. I don't think that David wants to finish the sleeping loft with the railing so he can go out and sleep there without me. I can't sleep in the loft without a railing - too scared of falling.

Here's the book the cabin is shown in...alongside a TON of hand sketched tiny house and shelter concepts, other photos, and building and design info from the likes of Lloyd Kahn, Jay Shafer, Mimi Zeiger, Duo Dickinson, David and Jeanie Stiles, Colin Beaven, Alex Pino, Kent Griswold, Dee Williams, and many more....