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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A log-cabin-like tree house/tiny house in the woods

One of THE cooler tree house photos I've seen! Everything about this says "Drop what you're doing, sell all your crap, and move into me!". If only I could convince the wife, and well, give something like this a little more support than a few birch trees (which don't fare so well in many parts of New England).

Speaking of which, as I've frequently been asked, THE BEST book on TREE HOUSE BUILDING- well, at least MY favorite is "Tree Houses and Forts You Can Build" by David and Jeanie Stiles. Most of the book is geared towards kid-like forts, but almost ALL the info and diagrams can be sensibly applied towards larger "adult" builds. There are some great, easy to understand, techniques within. There are MANY other tree house books out there, but I particularly like this one.

My "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" book has quite a few tree house, and tree house compatible ideas as well...and my next book will have LOTS more o' that!!!!
Photo shared from "Rooms With A View" on Facebook