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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A micro-cabin in the sun- photo gallery (its FOR SALE too!)

This is a series of photos I took at a CT Youth Fair in Old Saybrook, CT, where I was asked to display my tiny cabin/garden shelter "The GottaGiddaWay". This little structure fits in my 4' by 8' trailer and has been on display in Walden Woods, at M.I.T., The Deerfield Fair, The Guilford Library, NYC, and also has been featured in the NY Times, The Boston Globe, and several tv and internet shows, alongside my other tiny, salvaged-material cabins. I LOVE this little place, and have often worked on THIS BLOG from within it, but its time for me to clear room in my tiny yard for NEW projects, for NEW DIY Video Tutorials.
So, yup, its for sale- garden hut for reading, kids fort, chicken coop, who knows- it could be used for MANY things. $500 asking price. ALL money will go towards building another micro shelter, and then filming it for my youtube show "Tiny Yellow House". You can subscribe to the channel at Email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com if interested. Most of the contents, art, and pillows do not come with it, but the stained glass does- which alone listed at $120 or so. I've also posted an old video tour of this little tiny house/cabin/fort.