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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas/Holiday Gift For Tiny House Fans (and freebies!)

"Stop...Collaborate n' Listen" says an over-caffeinated "Santa"
And a chance to win MORE books from LLOYD KAHN, GERALD ROWAN, and DEEK....

  With the Christmas, Hanukkah, n' Kwanzaa (and lets not forget Festivus!) season approaching, there's a large push/movement for people to "Buy Local". Well, while it might not be specifically local to your town, but my book is MADE AND PRINTED IN THE USA. To all you non-US citizens, this might not make much of a difference, but in our import-heavy country, when I signed a publishing deal with Globe Pequot/The Lyons Press, I made sure it would be printed here- even as it meant a slight loss in royalties on my end. Also, this might still interest you non-US'ers anyway.
      I've yet to sell copies of this book myself, as I've just been too busy, but for the holiday season, I'm selling TWENTY copies of the book at its regular cover price, but signed, get a free tiny house sketch-print of mine- also signed....

AND....some tiny house stationary, while supplies last,

AND THREE of you (lets face it, only 20 people might actually order, so your chances are REAL GOOD!) will also be shipped surprise gifts! Its a one in seven chance....

One buyer will get a copy of Lloyd Kahn's awesome book "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter"

AND TWO others will get the early print versions of my long out-of-print/sold out mini-book/zine called "Quick Camps, and Leg Cramps".

$16.95 plus $3.20 S+H ($20.15- well, make is $20) to: PAYPAL account/id ""- that simple.

ALSO, anyone who orders THREE of more copies will get a free, brand new, gift book- "Compact Cabins" by Gerald Rowan- a $20 value- and a chance at the other stuff too!

Orders must be in before December 13th so that I have time to mail them out. If you don't need the book in a timely fashion, you're still welcome to order.

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen