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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Edgar Blazona's MD280- A Modular/Modern Tiny Home

I've REALLY been looking at, plotting, and planning some pre-fabricated and panelized tiny house structures lately, as well, we're all going to collectively build one at our three day, hands-on, tiny house building workshop in MA- Nov 2-4! I have a TON of sketch ideas, and will have to settle on one soon.... email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com if you're interested in info/attending. or CLICK HERE.

 Anyway, I believe this is the prototype of the MD280 (Modular Dwelling- 280 square feet) that was designed by Edgar Blazona of True Modern, and a few years back. There are no shots, that I can find, of the bathroom, but one is listed as included in this model. The structure/frame is welded steel and the entire home is intended to be very portable, pre-fabricated, and durable. I really like its simple look and lines too. Curtains would also be a must, but you'd certainly get some great natural light and views in a house like this if it were positioned on the right locale.

Blazona's MD100 is also offered up as a FREE PLAN SET through the old Readymade Magazine website...the plans are pretty thorough. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT.... 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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