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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shed plans for the MD100 Modern Shed/Guest House from Readymade Magazine

     Well, now it seems that what once were pay-plans, are everywhere for free (and no longer for sale at all- so I'm told). A ways back, Readymade Magazine (R.I.P. :( ) offered up these plans ("The MD100 (Modular Dwelling)" by Edgar Blazona) for a tiny backyard modern shed/shed-office/guest house structure- one that could apparently be built for $1500.00 in materials. Its a mere 10' by 10' in size, but a decent and viable option for micro-housing, if tweaked, perhaps, in a few ways (for the use/needs of my particular client).

Free Plans Link: 

A great looking shed and photo, but c'mon, could you have at least found a more comfortable chair!? I mean, you might as well read from atop a stack of cinder blocks!
     The reason I bring this up; I met with a future-project client the other day, who wanted a variation of this little shed/mini-cabin built in their yard. I'm game, but offered the following suggestions/changes....(esp. as I've NEVER worked from anyone else's plans as of yet- not that I'm so much opposed).

Photo by Humberto Howard
-Nix the front/total windows (a cost savings perhaps) as you'll roast in there with the orientation given.
-Add a window (in exchange) in the back (or more)- for some natural light- so as to possibly eliminate more need/use of lighting and electricity. 
-Potentially add a tiny deck/platform out front to add some interior use/living space to a shed like this. In their case, its going to be used more as a shed, so a front deck with a table and two chairs, and a few adornments, would make this structure look less like a utility shed just plopped down in their yard. Instead, it'd have more of an appealing, multi-functional look to it. 
-Box out one spot/small portion of the interior to make a kid's fort/hideout for their daughter (accessed through a seperate entrance). The top of this boxed out region could be used as a bed platform, or a raised area for interior storage (in the main part of the MD100 offshoot). 
-Fill in the exterior walls with tongue and groove Vermont White Cedar (her recommendation on my offering of it) to give it a rustic, yet still modern, look. Again, this would eliminate the human-cooking huge window fronts too.
-Funktify, or custom build a better door...
-Add a tiny loft area- for additional sleeping or built-in storage. 

This project probably won't begin until 2012 (one of the disadvantages of living in a cold-seasonal area, I suppose) but its something that is sure to be alot of fun (and hard work), and something that I'M SURE we'll film for "Tiny Yellow House" TV.

Here's a link to an old two page article on my book that ran in Readymade, I miss that mag! They ran two articles on my work in the past- and featured my "Hickshaw" cabin video on their blog as well- one of the first sites to do so (thank you!).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. can't wait to see your take on this shed...

  2. So have you done anything with this yet?

    Your modifications sound exactly along the lines of what I thought when I saw these plans (except for the daughter play area, and that front porch idea ... intriguing, but still not sure). Also, in compensation of sorts for getting rid of front plexiglass in the lower main part of the front, I might run it all around three full sides under the roof (everything but the back).

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  7. Do you have any experience renovating prefab sheds? I just recently got a new shed safe shed from Backyard Shed Plans and was wondering if you had any tips on how to spruce it up.

  8. Hey any update on the shed you were going to build in 2012? We'd love to see it. Also, the link above for the plans of the 11x17 has been removed. Any other way to get the plans?


  9. wannabecreative, I found a copy of the plans here:

  10. Can that roof take a snow load? Looks a little weak.

  11. Can that roof take a snow load? Looks a little weak.

    1. Good question- wondered the same myself.... its been built many times by several people who chronicled it on youtube and so forth, but when looking back on it, I believe most builds were in snow-less climates. I wondered the same thing myself, but do like the simple design of this cabin. Anyway, thanks for chiming in! Take care :)

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