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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiny, Tiny Houses Of Connecticut

     As I've mentioned before, I've been taking TONS of photos for the eventual follow-up to my tiny house, shelter, cottage, and treehouse concept book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks".
     Dud's Village in Madison, CT (The town I grew up in) is one of the "Best Tiny House Sight-Seeing Towns" in my current book, but sadly, we didn't have room for photos of this place- especially, as its probably one of my earliest and largest influences on loving tiny architecture. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me joy riding through this area on sundays after church, and I just loved the look of the houses, and the communal, fun, summer, vibe of this whole place. My own obsession with building kid's forts, and the gift of the book "Tiny, Tiny Houses" by Lester Walker, went on to solidify my early, and now, long-lasting, interest in tiny houses. I've been into it since I was ten years old, and built my first little cabin, with a bed, electricity, tv, hammock, and insulation, when I was 10 as well- influenced, no doubt, by Dud's Village (and its neighboring "Young's Village").

Note: As this is a private drive/village, if you ever do visit, please be respectful. Walking this area's 5-6 streets is the best option, and the least obtrusive for its residents (the streets are tiny, and there is a 5 mph limit). I've yet to meet an unfriendly person here. Just don't walk around the place like a jerk, and thinkin' you own the joint, and you won't get any hassle.
    I'd also park by Donahue's restaurant out front, and walk in from there. Across the street is the New England famous Fish Tale restaurant, and Nuzzo's Pizza right next store is great too. You're also directly next to (by means of a small hiking trail) Connecticut's largest state beach- Hammonasett State Park, or "Hammo", as we call it. Grand Apizza, in Clinton, CT is one of THE BEST pizza places I've been to, as well- definitely worth a stop. "The Clam Castle"- a Madison summer take-out fixture, is another spot to hit (walking distance from Dud's Village).

I might release a fuller photo roll of this area soon as a guest post on 

Also, there are almost TWENTY tiny houses for sale in these neighborhoods right now- some might even be for rent, if you want to try them out. Overall, I'd imagine that this area holds over 100 small/tiny homes- easily. 



  1. Love the photo's, I'm originally from Connecticut and you're making me a little home sick. The Thimble Islands also have great tiny/small houses.

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  3. Checked the Dud's Village website and realized these are only seasonal. Water shuts off in November. Would be cool to find something similar for year-round living around here...

  4. BEast203, I agree! Am looking for a very small cottage for year-round living...hard to find around here.

  5. BEast203, I agree! Am looking for a very small cottage for year-round living...hard to find around here.