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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Tiny House Building Materials...."JUST ASK, and you just might receive!"

     Time and time again I've said to myself, thank god I simply knocked on a door, or stopped my car and asked so and so "You're not going to toss that ________ by any chance"?
     Well, here's the latest find, a 9' by 4' window! The guy was doing a remodeling job, and in the process of loading it into his pick-up truck, when I pulled off the road to ask him what he had planned for the window. The guy was happy (as most are) to know it wasn't being thrown away. He even drove it two miles back to my house for me! Talk about luck, I tossed him a $10 thank you, and this window now awaits some tiny house project. I'm not sure how well something this large will transport, so I'm thinking "Tiny House Summer Camp", the workshop in Vermont I'm hosting, might not be the right place for it. Rest assured though, it'll be used! I already have many concept sketches.  -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

No cracks, the putty work is great, and the paint job's fine!


  1. I've just come across your blog and absolutely love it! After looking over your blog, my husband (who frames houses) and I have decided we want a tiny home :) We're going to start looking for all those great materials people throw away. Hopefully the job market will get better soon, so we have the money to set aside for anything we can't find free. Thanks again for your blog and all the great ideas!

  2. Maybe an article on the top ten ways to find free materials?