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Friday, June 15, 2012

CONTAINED- a video on two tiny stacked shipping containers as INTERIOR dwellings

LOVE THIS VIDEO, and loved the article that preceded it in Dwell Magazine a few months back. Great use of space, color, and ingenuity, although, I'm sure the owners spared no expense. Still, a video and project like this is beautiful to see, and just goes to show how versatile in use used shipping containers, as tiny houses, off-grid cabins, apartments, or interior partitioned dwellings, can be!

Sadly, on youtube, this video was simply, and poorly titled "Contained", so that relatively few have found it by way of search words. Lets change that for 'em, shall we? Minutes ago, as of me posting this, the video only had 1208 views, which is a shame, and its been up for a pretty long time too. Its a great little video, and I think you'll agree....  -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

PS- coming soon, I have a tiny little walk through video of the ACTUAL new cabin (the one we'll all be building) locale for July's "Tiny House Summer Camp" that I'm hosting in Northern Vermont. I can't wait, and the new home for this future-cabin is in such a great little spot- next to a huge boulder.

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  1. Love the shipping containers turned homes. I came across this today
    and thought I'd share it. I like the idea of a land boat lol.