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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hidden hut/shack in the woods of Vermont- tiny house eye candy...

Another set of photos from my trip up to my camp in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom- the site of "Tiny House Summer Camp" and the tiny cabin we'll all be building. CLICK HERE FOR SIGN-UP INFO.

     This particular cabin is on my neighbor's property, and actually a garden shed/shack and/or potting shed, but I like its look, and he built it with low grade, VERY affordable lumber. The view, over a cleared valley, is just incredible too, and I'm regretful I didn't get photos of it, BUT, you'll see this one in person, if you take part in our backwoods building workshop July 6-9th. Kidcedar at gmail dot com to sign up.

You'll also see:
-A Treehouse that you can stay in.
-Solar Log Cabin (that we'll be holding discussions and hosting speakers in)
-The Hickshaw Micro-Cabin (as seen in the NY Times, Boston Globe, CBS News, and more)
-Deek's Vermont Stilt Cabin (as featured in Mimi Zeiger's book "Micro-Green", and in Lloyd Kahn's book
    "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter").
-The Pine Crest Camp Cabins- a field trip to them in Barton, MA

-The mom' n pop run Goodridge Lumber Mill, one of Vermont's only White Cedar Mills.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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