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Friday, June 1, 2012

Tiny House Sightseeing in Woodstock, NH (Dwarf Condo Drive!?)

 Yes, its the name of a real street, well "drive"....Dwarf Condo Drive, and I'd imagine, amongst tiny house, or Dungeons N' Dragons geeks, a sign that is frequently stolen/sought after.
     Getting off an exit for gas on my way back from my camp/cabin in Vermont, I came across this sight below- a compound of tiny houses on a dead end street- most likely once a cottage/rental complex. Route 3 in NH is LOADED with great tiny house, cabin, and ramshackle hut sight seeing. The Indian Head Lodge tiny cottages are almost worth the side trip alone, and often they have a tourist tee pee set up on the premises that you can go into (we covered it in THIS old post).

Clark's Trading Post, The Polar Caves, The Alien Sightings Gas Station, and well, Franconia Notch, make this an area that's well worth checking out- and I'm just scratching the surface here...

Not sure if these photos will make it into the follow-up to my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", but rest assured, I've been taking my camera EVERYWHERE with me.

For those coming up to our "Tiny House Summer Camp" building workshop in July, IF you have the time, you should take route 3 north on the way up...

 This metal roofing is probably ancient, but STILL holding up....a tiny house in Woodstock, NH right off the exit.
Above: VW buses seemed to be all over the place in this region. This particular orange bus was gorgeous, but I didn't want to kill myself and others trying to take a side shot.


  1. I spent a lot of time in that area of Rt3 in NH when I was growing up and later when my kids were young. Great area; lots of things to do and see. Nice pictures of the little houses in that area.

  2. Deek, I'm bummed. New England native and tiny house fan now stuck in IL, and I'd adore driving out to VT to hang and build w/ you. Only my vacation in July is at the end of the month. Inflexible, as I have to schlep it for "the Man". See, if I had a tiny house (and could convince my wife to live in it, too--there goes the walk-in closet!), I'd have no mortgage, no property taxes and I could come to your conference...every year! Bummed in Illinois 2012.

  3. Hey, that's my house !!!
    It is cute,isn't it!