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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More scenes/cabins from Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont

    Well, as "Tiny House Summer Camp" (a tiny house building, 4 day workshop in Vermont, with camping/lodging) comes closer, I've been making trips up to my camp in preparation. Above, what you see isn't my camp, but a neighboring log cabin that we'll be using for lodging, and as a backwoods classroom for some of our speakers and discussions. Aside from the log cabin, we also have two or three other locales where we'll be congregating as a group to openly discuss tiny house construction and design concepts. We still do have about three or so spots left for this camp (July 6-9)- email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com if interested. ALL the speakers, and the weekend's overview can be found at the large link on the top of this blog.

     Above, is me at Goodridge Lumber in Albany, Vermont, a place I've been going to for years and years. The best! I WISH all this wood was mine, but we have picked up quite a few loads for the project, a tiny cabin in the woods, that we'll all be working on together at the workshop. if you ever contact them, tell them I sent you- VERY good people over there.

My dog, Orzo, at a nearby fishing and swimming hole that I can lead you all to. The water is VERY clean. I might even consider having the group meet here one day for a discussion topic. Bring your cameras! -and your fishing gear as there is TOO much to see in this area and I'm going to make sure attendees have some free time each morning to see the sights if they choose. Meanwhile, others will be welcome to get a head start on the building process back at camp.

Another shot of "The Moore Camp"- where we'll be hanging out, and where some of you are welcome to stay at night for the workshop. We also have a field for tenters, a treehouse, "The Hickshaw" cabin, my own cabin, and so on...we'll be seeing other cabins too, AND a mom n' pop saw mill!

 This stack of boulders is about 300 yards from my own cabin.

A nearby stream. Like I said, the landscape around this area is amazing. If I owned this land, there'd be a cabin on it in a heartbeat, a tiny little 8' by 8' that blends into the woods....

My other neighbor's snowmobile camp, which we might also get to see, and hear his do's and don't of building your own house. We'll see- so many scheduled speakers, events, trips, and work to do, and so little time....

Again, kidcedar at gmail dot com if you might be interested in signing up, while there is still space! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Oh wow, that first cabin is just beautiful. I love the weird open loft thing - obivously it's good for the solar panel, but I guess it'd also be good for some light storage, a kid's fort, or a cool reading spot :D

  2. Are you guys at all interested in doing another Vt project..We have a huge old farmhouse and barn that needs to be deconstructed with the building materials being used to build three tiny homes, one a two story studio like cabin, the second an on wheels tumbleweed type home and last but not least a tiny off the grid A frame. We are in the planning process only at this point, but since we are nurses not builders we are desperatly seeking professional guidance.

    1. sorry, never saw this email! We're probably having another VT workshop at my place coming up, but not sure about doing two this year- but who knows….