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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Dinosaur Ferrocement Structure/House

File Under: Bizarre Structure/Buildings.... I'd LOVE to make a brontosaurus-shaped small house! Snails, women in skirts, dogs, its all been done- but what about Dinosaurs!? Where's the love??

 What can I say, I'm a kid at heart, and I love tiny houses- and what are tiny house but adult forts of sort? I've also been a sucker in the past (and still have a weak spot in my heart) for dinosaurs, comic books, treehouses, heavy metal, beer, anything cryptozoologically related, and really bloody horror movies (not in that order)- which never made me such a hit with the ladies back in the day! Nor now. So how do we combine all of those things into one structural build? Ya' can't (I wish!)- but here's a cool, vintage shot of a dinosaur edifice in the works that I simply wanted to share.

Its no tiny house, but what a cool postcard shot.... If I had millions of dollars....


  1. I'm happy to say I've been inside. This dino is in Cabazon, California and is now a rock and mineral store with the typical rubber tomahawks for sale too... Ed

  2. I dig the wild old engineer types who build this stuff.. after years working for Shell oil, or on Secret Rocket bases.. they get to do what they were dreaming of for years.. (just telling myself a story, here.. but what kind of guy has the skill, money and inclination to build a house inside a dinosaur, with steel infrastructure and ferro-cement skin? Maybe a retired ship-builder?

  3. Oh, thanks, Ed.. the guy was a retired Knott's Berry Farm artist.. : )

  4. One of the few noteworthy buildings in our area is a dinosaur shaped gas station: