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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEW "Tiny Yellow House" episode for Make Magazine- A Garage Door Murphy Bed in a 68 Square Foot House!

A BRAND NEW VIDEO I hosted for Make Magazine.... subscribe to my channel, if you want to see more tiny house tour (and building) videos at

 Mega thanks to Hal Colombo- builder/designer of a 68 square-foot guest house in Seattle, for playing host to myself and filmmaker Christopher Smith (from Tiny: The Movie- a film he and Merete Mueller are putting together) while I was out guest speaking at Tumbleweed Seattle. You can actually rent/stay in this tiny guest house nightly!

Hal's tiny, tiny, tiny guest house is just packed with ingenious space-saving ideas and tactics, and he was an amazing host. If you ever get the chance to check this place out, before its far too overbooked, do so! You can reach him at

also, THANKS TO: (please check these guys out, they have some GREAT tiny house designs you can browse!)

Kevin Harrington of

and Domenic Mangano or (We want to tour and shoot his place/workshop sometime- it looks incredible!). We have a post on cabin work from both of these guys coming up too!

These guys helped back some of these Seattle Shoots- we have TWO MORE episodes of other places we visited (Hartman Kable's Container House/Surf Shack and Steve Sauer's Pico-Dwelling/Micro-apartment). We can ALWAYS use help/sponsors too- if interested- kidcedar at gmail dot com.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Another great episode, Deek! I'm always so inspired by what others have done!

  2. This is awesome! I love looking at tiny houses and seeing all the clever ideas people come up with. We live in 740 sq. ft., which isn't really a tiny house for most families, but there are nine of us!