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Monday, April 9, 2012 in the Miami Sun Sentinel Newspaper- and a Seattle Workshop Video...

'Forgot to post this a ways back, its a sampler clip (much like Whitman's, only sweeter!- hyuk, hyuk) of me yacking for the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Seattle- a snippet on acquiring recycled and free materials for use in your tiny home, and just how I come across such things. FUN(!) Workshop- about 75 or so attendees, and some really good people, conversations, and guest speakers!

Also, below is a good article from the Miami Sun Sentinel that I was in just today.... its based on the tiny house building workshop I'll be teaching this coming weekend, with lots of info from Jay Shafer of, and Jo-Anne Peck of, and mentions Alex Pino of, and L.A. Davis of that will be speaking guests for this two day event.

Sign up for the Miami or Boston workshops I'm teaching at these links...

MY VERMONT 4 day Workshop (Orleans, VT- 65 miles or so from Burlington, Vermont)- "Tiny House Summer Camp" will also be July 6, 7. 8, 9th
Some meals are included, you'll get to stay in a log cabin, a treehouse, my vermont stilt cabin, and more....field trips, campfire talks at night, a log cabin notching demo, solar power and solar cooking, we'll build a tiny guest hut (the "All Eights" which was seen on The History Channel), and the list of speakers keeps growing.... the next two who sign up ($399 for the full weekend) will get a free copy of Lloyd Kahn's stellar tiny living book "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter". Its gonna be insanely fun! MORE TO COME....


-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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