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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Woodland Style- a book on decorating/building your home with crud found in one's yard!

Well, the above title isn't exactly the running description on the book's jacket.....and I mean it in a good way.

A quick book review on "Woodland Style".....from Storey Publishing (By Marlene Hurley Marshall)

The book's cover is even partially made from a thin laminate piece of wood- pretty darn cool.
     If you're into the natural and rustic design of things (decorating and building with log furniture, rough wood slabs, even pine cones, antlers, birch bark, you name it...) then this book, laden with a color photos, might be up your alley. Its a REALLY eclectic offering, ranging in topics from making "stick" chairs and log-end tables, to holiday decorations (all with materials you can find right in your backyard), and even some backwoods, living-off-the-land, recipes.
   Inside you'll also find the VERY fun, hobbit-like, woven-shelters of sculptor Patrick Dougherty (I featured one of his installations in VT in my videos series on youtube- posted below), A CT "Tree-House" Home, and even recipes for pickling fiddle head ferns (which I have to try, they're ALL over my Vermont property)! Its the woodland seats, beds, shelves, and stone-built decorations that I like the most though- and there's a very healthy array of them within. I can't forget to mention the chapter on Axel Erlandson, an American Farmer and one time "Tree Circus" head, who patiently trained and grafted trees and limbs to grow in sculptural directions- LIVING chairs? trees in knots!? This guy was unbelievable.
   "Woodland Style" is one of those books where with each successive viewing, I kept finding more and more fun, bizarre, and rather unique ideas- ones I felt that I might later want to incorporate into some of my builds in one way or another. Its not a "Tiny House" book, but while featuring a good variety of hand built items and homes, its not a far stretch from the mindset of many in the genre. And yeah, granted, a few of the ideas are a little ridiculous and out there, but they still make one think, and push design boundaries.

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