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Saturday, January 14, 2012

SHELTER n' SHACK CONCEPTS #36, #37, #38, and #39 (of 60!)

Alright the scanner is up and running, so in terms of playing catch-up, here are FOUR more new ROUGH-DRAFT idea sketches (well, the more detailed one is another extra from "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" that WILL NOT be in the new edition- out now for is at the bottom of the post...)

BY THE WAY- if only for brief time, "Humble Homes" just attained the #1 Worldwide rank for Carpentry books- even beating out the Black and Decker guides. Home Depot's big ugly orange "how-to" book, and so on. They'll probably CRUSH ME by tomorrow, but I can at least say I beat 'em for a day. To those who ordered the book, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support. Its only $11.25 right now too...

I'm well on my way towards SIXTY SHACK SKETCHES IN SIXTY DAYS! 21 to go (caffeine, here I come!). All cabins, cottages, tiny houses, huts, shacks, shelters, treehouses.....


I don't mean anything negative title-wise with this (Same with drawing #1 above) , it was just a catchy name at the time (NOT in my book). I like the idea, though ventilation would be key!

This drawing just STINKS, but I like the rough draft idea here- whether in tiny kid's fort mode, or if it were to be built on a larger scale.

THE BACKSIDE OF A DINER PLACEMAT from the other day....these are loose sketch ideas for the tiny treehouse installation I've been messing with.

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