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Sunday, January 15, 2012

San Francisco Shipping Container/Conex Box Home in an Artist's Loft

I have a few container house book recommendations below as of which is in my "Top Ten Tiny House" books list (click the huge banner above for that).

     Granted, a home within a home isn't tiny living, but take the ideas, and the space saving and repurposing concepts behind this San Franciscan set-up, and run with 'em!
     This was from a recent article in Dwell Magazine, which although I feel its a mag that showcases homes most people never will ever be able to afford, the magazine does have some amazing photographic work, and very clever design ideas- one of the reasons I seem to find myself grabbing copies at the newstand- even if just for one photo spread or two. This issue's theme was "Prefab Perfected"- their second most recent issue- resource wise, a great one too if you might be in the planning/seeking phases of small house/tiny home living.

All photos by Drew Kelly for Dwell Magazine- some pretty amazing shots from this guy!

As for books....(my new book listed first, and the other are on both pre-fab and container style homes, the last one being INSANELY expensive, unfortunately).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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