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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Baumraum Treehouse/Tiny Guest House in Prague

First, thanks to for being so supportive of what we do- Kevin Harrington and crew are helping us out with THREE REALLY COOL, CROSS-COUNTRY SHOOTS we're soon doing for my show "TINY YELLOW HOUSE". We're still in the hole for these shoots, so anyone looking to back some episodes in exchange for ads/thanks in these, let me know- kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks, and back to our regularly scheduled program....(in deep announcers voice).

 File Under: Start Saving (although if you built it yourself its not super-complex).
     Apparently its from Baumraum (high end, mucho expensive), but this one IS jealousy inducing. So boxy, and simple, yet it looks so good. This one caught my eye as its remaniscent of what I've been sketching and planning for a ground house- one I hope to get to this year- we'll see. Anyway, this particular treehut is in Prague, sits 4.5 meters off the ground, is made from untreated larch, and sits in an oak tree. Just some eye candy for you....

I feel (well, except for the ultra sterile interior) its one of the nicer treehouses I've seen in awhile. And again, for all you treehouse nuts, yup, several concepts and designs are in my new book (below). Lloyd Kahn's really cool new book "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter" also features six or seven of my sketches, one of them being a treehouse/treepad called "The Nest" (from my new book).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen
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