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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

THREE Very Unique Tiny House Inns/BnB's/Treehouse Hotels in Vermont

Ah Vermont, quite possibly my favorite state- good people, gorgeous little colonial towns. amazing scenery, and home to my own d.i.y. cabin in the woods "The Backwoods Skyscraper" (which I may have to rent someday, as the taxes are getting crazy).
    Here's a quick trio of some very cool places you can stay (all you tiny/small house addicts out there) if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods. Tell 'em Uncle Deek sent ya'! (Then they'll reply "Who the heck is 'Uncle Deek'!?, while escorting you off their property with a 12 guage). No, good folks....all of 'em. The only place I have yet to stay is the Tree Cabin in Waterford, VT, but I've spoken to its owners, and just based on its photos and interior, I wanted to include it. So, enjoy, and if you ever do stay at one of these places, or have, feel free to add to our comments. Better Yet, if you know of any other unique Vermont, or New England places to stay, do share!

PS- a cool shot of "The Fern Forest Treehouse" is in the new color photo section of the new, expanded edition of my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks". Link is below....

THE TREE CABIN IN WATERFORD, VERMONT.... we'll have more on this place down the just looks too cool not to further feature.
To check it out/booking...

To check it out/booking-
I have stayed here- my entire family of four (we DID fit- with the dog too!), and we loved it. The "Fern Forest" is run by great, intelligent hosts, who serve up some amazing breakfasts. and the treehouse is so loaded with character and charm, we'll certainly be heading back some day. I also have a video tour of this one....below....

 THE PINE CREST CABINS- Barton, Vermont. 
To check it out/booking-
I have stayed here as well, as its close to my land/camp and just irresistible. Fishing right outside your front door, and a very picturesque waterfall, coming out of an old stone trestle about 400 feet away by a tiny trail. The town of Barton is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting too, with some unique little shops, good restaurants nearby, and the famous Bread And Puppet Circus just a couple miles down the road. Very friendly hosts sure to hit up "The Parker Pie Co." too (pizza/pub) in E. Glover, and Courrier's Market- a general store/taxidermy museum- selling everything from soup to ammunition.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen