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Monday, November 14, 2011

Update on the Tiny Solar Writer's Retreat I've Been Building

Gorgeous day outside here today in Massachusetts, so I'm going to keep this short and soon head out to continue working on a writer's retreat/greenhouse for author John Grover. So far, things are coming along nicely, and quickly- which is great, since I'm fighting the impending winter here in New England, which can be brutal.
     Basically, the plan is to eventually get the clear roof on, then from that point afterward, at least in the daytime, I'll have a solar-heated environment to work in when I tackle all the trim and small details. Also, even in the dead of winter, inside this 6' by 12' solar cabin, I'll be able to effectively caulk, and foam seal certain trim gaps, and door jambs- as otherwise, these sealants would not set or cure in such freezing temperatures.

This photo was taken from the far/back end of this tiny little solar greenhouse/shack. That wall has now since been filled in, and we set a recycled window in it as well. The second-hand, six-foot tall Anderson windows you see in the photo were bought on craigslist for $400 (these normally are well over $1000 each!). The gaps between them will eventually be trimmed up with cedar battens, and their interiors re-painted.

Sustainably grown Vermont white cedar (which I primarily use when I can- and get from a mill near my camp up there). This tiny little house-like cabin could EASILY be insulated with foam/poly panels and made into a summer vacation cottage. The view would be GREAT, say, facing a lake, with all those windows!
...and, JUST TODAY, I submitted my last photo addition to my NEW version of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- it hits the printers THIS week- and will be mailed out to all pre-order folks for Feb 1st (its release date). Pawing through the third round of edits, and the brand new color-photo section, I had forgotten half of the stuff, and kick-arse photo submissions, that I had added to this new take on my book. I can't wait! Its out for $11.53 on pre-order from, or use the link in the left hand column of the blog. Thanks!

There's that new "Designing for Tiny Living/Spaces" chapter too- which has small-space advice/interview submissions from...

GREGORY PAUL JOHNSON- founder of the Small House Society, and
JAY SHAFER- Tumbleweed House Co.
DUO DICKINSON- Design Author, Architect, Yale Lecturer
DEE WILLIAMS- Tiny House Dweller, Founder of P.A.D. (Portland Alternative Dwellings)
COLIN BEAVAN- Author of "No Impact Man" and its related blog (and film).
MIMI ZEIGER- Tiny Housing Author, Architect
TAMMY STROBEL- Tiny House Dweller, and honcho of
AMANDA KOVATTANA- Repurposing Maven/Designer ("Energy Bulletin" Contributor)
ALEX JOHNSON- Author of Shedworking, and
MICHAEL TOUGIAS- Author of "There's a Porcupine In My Outhouse" (one of my favorites cabin books).
CATHY JOHNSON- Author of "A Naturalist's Cabin", Cabin Dweller, and Shed-working Artist.
LLOYD KAHN- Author/Editor of Shelter, Homework, and Builders Of The Pacific Coast, and

I would LOVE to somehow put these advice offerings into film form at some point, but it would require that all these contributors self-film their own sections- which would be no easy task to coordinate. The advice these people give is GREAT! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Again, if interested, check out the work from Dark Fiction Author JOHN GROVER- some twisted, horror-based, stuff- I particularly liked his short story book "Feminine Wiles"- and his other books have been garnering some great reviews too!

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