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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiny House Talk/Lecture at M.I.T. (The GottaGiddaWay Micro-Cabin Hits Boston, MA)

3-D Printers, Tiny Cabins, and Nerd-Yurts, oh my!

"Alright, anyone in the room with an I.Q. under 180, raise both your hands...."
One must always bring his/her A-game, and props/displays of cutting edge technology, when asked to speak at M.I.T. (good thing I didn't have to FLY in for this engagement- imagine goin' through security with this suitcase...)

M.I.T. is just incredible, and its students were so very inviting and friendly (thanks to Samuel Jacoby for inviting me out to speak). 
     Suffice to say, I had a blast out in Cambridge last week, where I was asked to speak to a group of 25 or so students on the small house/living movement, and more so, as to what I've been trying to do in terms of the usage of recycled materials in construction, my work with Make Magazine, my own "Tiny Yellow House" grass roots d.i.y. show, and more. It was a two hour presentation, complete with a side trip out to "The GottaGiddaWay" micro shelter, which I had towed out as a surprise for those in attendance. 

Anyway, just a few photos here for now... 

The GottaGiddaWay Cabin on Memorial Drive in Boston- I had to parallel park a van with a trailer near rush hour in the city- not fun. I somehow managed to find a double length spot (a free one too!), and do it in one take.
M.I.T.'s gargantuan media lab- somewhat of an oxymoronic place to hold a tiny-housing-themed meeting. The place is friggin' amazing though.
Seriously, if I knew M.I.T. had wood shops/labs like this, I would have studied a hell of alot harder in high school! Digital plywood routers, 3-D printers, laser-carving doodads, high-tech thingamajiggies....
The Nerd Yurt photos will be coming soon....and I did shoot some video on a shortish segment I did (using the mess of crap in my suitcase) which I'm working on slapping together for my "relaxshacksDOTcom" youtube channel....I'm also cutting that Tumbleweed House tour video right now too....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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